Day 2973: I forgot

Yesterday, at the end of our session, my therapist asked me what my first memory about money was. I don’t forget why she asked me — I told her I wanted to work on my shame and fear related to money and taxes.

When I had trouble accessing early memories about money, she asked me to work on that before our next session.

I forgot my first memories about money, but I believe my shame, fear, and forgetting might be related to the fact that my family was Jewish. I realized when I was young that some non-Jews believed that Jews only cared about money and seemed to hate them for that. My parents didn’t want me or others to forget the Holocaust — the worst result of those beliefs. I wanted to forget because the Holocaust seemed too big and scary for me to understand.

I forgot to take many photos yesterday because I was focusing on giving and getting therapy and staying safe from the cold and the snow.

I forgot what I recently wrote on Twitter, so I’ll see what’s there.

Here’s “I Forgot” by Steve Martin, which is about money and taxes!

If you don’t leave a comment below, you can borrow this excuse from Steve Martin: “I forgot.”

In all the years I’ve been blogging, I never forgot to say thank you to my readers.

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18 thoughts on “Day 2973: I forgot

  1. I won’t forget to be careful in the snow here this weekend, Ann.

  2. I can’t remember what I forgot

  3. …and I forgot what I can’t remember, therefore I must know everything!

  4. Somehow I forgot that Steve Martin bit but I’ve never forgotten that back in the ‘70’s I read that he was an art collector. Just a few years ago I was reminded of that when I saw a documentary about him and someone said he only acts now because “Edward Hopper paintings aren’t cheap.”
    I forget what the point of this was.

  5. puella33

    What side effects did you get from your second Pfizer shot? You for got to mention 😉 Have a nice week-end, Ann

  6. I am always forgetting which of my daughters is named which and have often called all of them by each other’s names throughout their entire lives which is why they all answer to any of the 3 ‘h’ names. I forgot that three girls, all with alliterative names, can be a challenge.

    • I’m always forgetting names, calling Harley Oscar, etc., but as Shakespeare unforgettably wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

  7. I forgot you have a beautiful window, a Kitty Buddha, and a husband cook. What else could one want?

  8. Thank you for trusting your blogging friends with such a sensitive memory from your childhood, and apparently long-lasting concerns about your relationship to money, Ann. What a burden for a child to carry, and isn’t it always fascinating to look back and see how young we are when we begin to collect those impressions. I was touched by what you’ve shared.

    I think I would have answered “John Lennon” to that same question.

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