Day 2967: Anti-Stress Word Searches

Every morning, for me, includes searching for words for my daily blog post that are anti-stress. These searches help me face each new day, because it’s so difficult to find anti-stress words anywhere else.

Before I join my training group this morning on Developing Resilient Group Leadership (which will probably include some anti-stress word searches), let’s search for anti-stress words and images together.

Every day, I search for words, images, and also music that are anti-stress. If you search the words in this post, you’ll find this

…and this:

My word searches for gratitude are also anti-stress, so thanks to all who help me create these anti-stress posts, including YOU!

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21 thoughts on “Day 2967: Anti-Stress Word Searches

  1. Breathe……………………..slowly………………………deeply…………………..often!

  2. My anti-stress words for today are “totally vaccinated,” Ann. And I’ll throw in “only a sore arm as a side effect” as more anxiety-relief on top. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Michael and Harley, my friend.

  3. Anti-stress words and images include ‘Harley KBE- Knight Commander of British Empire, Nobel laureate, Poet laureate, MD, Phd, AND soothing snowy landscapes taken by Ann.

  4. And now I’m following you on Twitter–you’re so sassy!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Ann!
    I notice that you are posting screenshots from Twitter recently. Are you hoping that we will follow you on Twitter?

    • I am not searching for a follow on Twitter; the interchanges there are just something else I can share here. And I enjoy sharing a Happy Valentine’s Day wish with you, my friend !

  6. puella33

    I can’t think of one, now that I’m asked. Happy ❤ Day,Ann

  7. I feel less stressed coming here, but I hope the potential of being on a dating website doesn’t cause Harley too much stress. That and the question of desserts reminds me of when my wife and I went to see Sleepless In Seattle not long after we’d first discovered tiramisu at a local Italian restaurant and the scene where Rob Reiner says, “Tiramisu,” and Tom Hanks asks, “What is it?…Some woman is gonna want me to do it to her and I’m not gonna know what it is!” made us both laugh.

  8. no stress today, one of my grand babies visited, and we made white flowers turn colors. we also had quite a laugh from an old portrait of relatives on my father’s side, posing with the family goat. what could be better than color-changing flowers and family goats?

  9. Your tweets take very stressful topics and you make me laugh. I love your anti-stress words. 🙂

  10. Often, when I return to your post to see if you have replied to my comment, I see so many new things that it can seem like an entirely new blog post, like one that I missed by accident. And yet, I am sure that I read each of them carefully. Your posts have a self-renewing quality, Ann.

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