Day 2965: Not Freaking Out

In my Coping and Healing groups yesterday, we talked about not freaking out.

I wrote and shared a poem:

I am also not freaking out by capturing and sharing images.

As I asked on Twitter this morning, who’s freaking out? And if you’re not freaking out, how are you doing that?

I’m not freaking out by blogging and expressing gratitude here, every day.

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26 thoughts on “Day 2965: Not Freaking Out

  1. There is a lot to freak out about, that’s for sure. One at the top of the list, totally out of our hands.
    I read “what if it were black rioters with Obama flags?”
    Yes, what if? And we know the answer.
    Absolute trigger a for a full blown meltdown total freak out,
    but then what?

  2. I’m freaking in until I have to leave to go to work at the library, Ann.

    • How is working at a library during a pandemic? I went to library school when I turned 50 because I realized how short life was and I’d always wanted to work in a library. Graduated in 08 and actually got to work 1 year in a library (for me it didn’t feel like work, was only part time too which helped) before the recession hit and I got laid off. Had to go back to my old job, broke my heart. I hope I can volunteer in a library someday when I’m older and less inclined to take off on a trip now that I’m retired.

      • That was all to say I got sort of wistful when I read your comment about going to work… I hope you have a great day!

      • Dawn, I love your story about going back to library school. I hope you get to work in a library again one day soon.

      • I work in an academic library where a lot of resources are available online, so I’ve been working from home since last March. I miss actually being in the library but I spend a lot of time helping people access what they need, and that’s what the job is all about. It’s funny that in the past year I’ve had more communication with patrons than I have in the previous twenty-something years I’ve worked in the library.
        And I also hope you can work in a library again someday. Libraries need people like you.

      • The library is a wonderful second-turn career for me, Dawn, after the newspaper/website journalism industry spit me out in my mid-50s. During this past year we’ve kept our services going always, virtually and then back in the library by curbside first and then in-house by appointment to keep with state and health department regulations. Staff splits work one week in, one week from home. In the communications department, I am always busy keeping the path of messaging open with the community. I am sorry to hear that you were laid off by the recession back then. Bah.

    • I’m not freaking out by reading all these wonderful comments!

  3. I’m certainly NOT freaking out after hearing Harley roar as almighty King. How insightful and revealing it’s to hear a Nobel and Poet laureate roar with truthfulness in his utterances. I am freaking out, however, with politicians on denial.

  4. Luckily I am at the lake in Alabama where there is no network news. And somehow I haven’t figured out how to stream stuff on my laptop. Lucky me. No Trump watching for me down here!

  5. I also hate In The Year 2525. But I’d have to say Crocodile Rock is my choice. Also, because I saw your mask with “Mask Goes Over The Nose” written on it, I ordered my own. Seeing people with exposed noses enrages me. I may get some dirty looks, but I don’t care.

    • Actually, no one has freaked out when I’ve worn that mask. In the supermarket the other day, a man with his mask below his nose saw my mask and immediately put his mask back up. We both giggled and had a nice moment. Your comments help me not freak out, so thank you!

  6. I’m not freaking out. There are enough doing it without me adding to the global warming!

  7. What an intriguing video of Harley. What is he trying to say? Is this his way of freaking out? Or is it his way of asking you to stop freaking out and feed him?

  8. puella33

    There’s a lot to freek about, but I just don’t want to invest my energy in doing so.

  9. I just looked at the clock and I’m freaking out that it’s noon already. And while I don’t remember square pizza being a regular feature of my school lunches I do remember the fish square always being served on Fridays, so that was the one day my mother wouldn’t make me a lunch but would give me money.
    One day when I was in kindergarten it was my turn to be at the head of the line when we went to lunch, and that was probably my happiest day of the whole year.
    I don’t know whether to freak out that it took so little to make me happy or that it’s so much harder to enjoy such simple pleasures now.

  10. I’m not freaking out by just trying to go about my life, being open to the bright spots

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