Day 2963: What’s the meaning of this?

What’s the meaning of this Daily Bitch Calendar for today?

These days, it’s more difficult to figure out what the meaning is. As human beings, we need to make meaning, but we’re constantly bombarded by too much information that does not separate facts from opinions from lies from jokes. Perhaps that keeps us feeling stuck, wherever we are.

What’s the meaning of my latest images?

What’s the meaning of this TED talk by Sarah Knight“The Magic of Not Giving a F***” ? I think the meaning might be similar to the quote from Carmel McConnell, above.

What’s the meaning of this? “Please leave a comment, below.”

What’s the meaning of this?

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18 thoughts on “Day 2963: What’s the meaning of this?

  1. I think I would get out of that tree, even it it meant a temporary fall!

  2. I am not sure of the meaning of anything these days, but I am grateful for people who do give a f***. I am grateful for you, Ann.

  3. Fun fun share today. I don’t know what half of the things going on around me mean. Ah well…

  4. puella33

    I love the expression on your teabag, and it’s simple to understand.

  5. In high school one of my English teachers went on at length about how we were all too uneducated, even stupid, to understand that there were deep, hidden meanings to William Carlos Williams’ “The Red Wheelbarrow”. I guess that’s stayed with me because it taught me not to care about the opinions of some English teachers.

  6. What’s the meaning of this? Perhaps that I’m waiting to see your springtime photographs; that everyday is a new revelation, that everything that begins one way, ends in another.

  7. the meaning is what we make it

  8. From where we sit an impeachment that is a foregone conclusion has no meaning

  9. I have always thought the meaning of cryptic is hard to figure out, Ann.

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