Day 2962: Life was a lot easier when …

Is it easy for you to finish the sentence is today’s title? When was life a lot easier for you?

Blogging is a lot easier for me when I have the Daily Bitch to quote.

Even though life was a lot easier when we weren’t dealing with a worldwide pandemic, yesterday my biggest decisions included:

  • which Godiva chocolate to eat,
  • which Tweet to respond to, and
  • what images to capture with my iPhone 8.

Life is a lot easier — for me, Amy Siskind, and many others — than it was a month ago.

Here is “Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?” — a Ted talk by Jon Jandai:

It’s always easy for me to express gratitude to those who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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23 thoughts on “Day 2962: Life was a lot easier when …

  1. …….saving up for my first cricket bat was my biggest worry

  2. ….it was simpler. Although would I wish to go back to those times? Impossible to do anyway!

  3. I really feel that Jon’s message is timely. I do wish I lived in a warmer climate It’s hard to heat up my igloo!

  4. puella33

    You’re very disciplined, Ann. I would have devoured the box of Godiva in an hour. Life was a lot easier before the pandemic, but we don’t have the power to reset the clock.
    I was reading the above Tweet regarding the impeachment…. I’m surprised that the Democrats are so naive as to believe the Republicans would unite.. , it was DOA before it reached the senate.

  5. When I think about it life has never been easy, but it has been through a lot of interesting changes. And what I now know about muffins makes it a little more interesting.

  6. Life was a lot easier when I was a kid, but I’m grateful that as an adult I recognize Buddhas such as Harley.

  7. looks like it will be easier to choose which chocolate to choose from here on out. you played an excellent game of chocolate chess and won! it would never last one day in my house –

  8. I think I’d say that life for me was easier when I was so busy I rarely had time to think! Thinking these days is Olympian. 🙂

  9. Hate to say it because I love reading your Twitter exchanges, but life was easier without social media. It if we lump blogs in that category, I take it back, because I look forward to yours every day, Ann!

  10. Before I started reading about all those folks getting sick in Wuhan a year ago, Ann.

  11. Life was easier for me yesterday than the day before.

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