Day 2960: All I need

It’s wonderful to be able to write, here and now, that I have all I need.

Before my birthday last week, I let my husband Michael know that I had all I need. I told him that if he needed to give me a gift, I would be happy with his replacing a bathroom lightbulb.

All I need is to share this photo …

… and this joke:

How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? One, but the lightbulb really has to want to change.

If this therapist had changed that lightbulb, she would have needed a ladder.

If you need more lightbulb jokes, here they are:

All I need is to share these other images with you:

Because I have all I need, I didn’t need to buy any of those items I photographed in the market last night.

All the Collies, I mean the Hollies, need is the air that they breathe and to love you.

Here’s “All I Need” from Jacob Collier featuring Mahalia:

All I need now is to ask for comments and to express my thanks to YOU.

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24 thoughts on “Day 2960: All I need

  1. i have what i need as well, all the rest is a bonus. after seeing your picture, i kind of think i might need a chocolate heart and noticed more of your chocolates have gone missing. my entry into the band challenge: change ‘the band’ to ‘the bank’. takes on a more serious tone.

    • Your comments are all I need, beth, and your blog is always great too. Believe it or not, my answer to the band challenge included changing The Hollies to The Collies, but I edited that out before I sent the tweet. I didn’t realize I would need that for synchronicity in today’s blog post, but now I have all I need by sharing this funny coincidence with you!

    • Now I’m realizing that changing one letter of “Collies” gets you “Collier” who is the other artist I shared, and all I need now is to give my brain a rest.

  2. I probably shouldn’t say this but it popped into my head with the “Ruin a band name thing . . . The Beagles.

  3. Several years ago someone brought a king cake to work and the woman who found the baby said, “Oh no, this doesn’t mean I’m gonna have another kid, does it?” and she crossed her legs.
    I’m glad you’ve reminded me that while laughter isn’t all I need it is definitely something we all need.

  4. puella33

    I’m addressing your Tweet question: I think ageism is worse in this country. I don’t think the elderly are ” revered” as they are in other countries. This is due to ignorance and lack of wisdom. Sexism is bad too, but I think now, America is maturing finally and realizing that it is essential to embrace all genders.

    All I need is this refreshing blog to start my day. Have a nice Day, Ann

  5. I haven’t heard the Hollies for years. Wow. I have all I need, too. Of course, now I’d LIKE some chocolates…

  6. Great joke, this bathroom joke! I love it! I am a widow of very advanced age. For sure, I am not very good on ladders. But the other day my son was visiting, and he gladly changed some lightbulbs for me! Again now, I have really all I need. Life is good. Your pictures to me are also very life confirming. Thank you for publishing all these great pictures! And I want to still wish you all the Best for your Birthday! 🙂

  7. One of the more positive outcomes from this past crazy year has been impressing upon me that I do indeed have all that I need. What a privilege to be able to say that! I continue to hope you’re feeling the love and celebration of your birthday. I see nothing wrong with extending it another week. Do you? 🙂

  8. I’m happy you have all you need, including your photography. Ann, be careful with the iPhone 12 and don’t get it because it has a magnet that interferes with pacemakers. I got it but I don’t like that aspect of it.

  9. This past year I, like Debra, have learned that I have all I need. Truly a blessing. And your blog is always needed to bring a smile or a pause to reflect. ☺️💕

  10. I don’t think I’d want to drink from a can of Liquid Death, Ann. And I might want to wash my dishes to the music of Steely Pan.

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