Day 2958: Plans

My plans for yesterday included seeing my fabulous dentist Dr. Del Castillo about an unplanned missing filling.

My plans for today include singing my new and timely lyrics for Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” at a remote Open Mic, which you can hear in this planned YouTube video.

My plans for my vacation this week included testing out a new microphone before tonight’s performance. Because of the distortion on the high notes, I plan to post a new video of “Vaccine” tonight right after the Open Mic.

Before I share my other plans for today with you, I plan to share some thoughts about plans:

  • I enjoy plans when they combine structure and creative freedom.
  • There is a big difference between worries and plans, although we tend to confuse and combine the two.
  • It is possible to plan without worrying and I plan to continue to get better at that.

My plans for today include sharing all my planned and unplanned photos from yesterday with you.

I hope your plans for today include leaving a comment about this “Plans” post.

Every day, my plans include ending my daily blog with gratitude, so thanks to all whose plans included stopping here today, including YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 2958: Plans

  1. Your car found its twin, Ann! Did your dentist find a new filling for your unexplained missing one? Have a great performance at Open Mike, tonight!

    • Hi, Mark! My dentist made a new filling, while I waited, with his office’s incredible 3D printer. And the performance went well (which you can see in the blog post after this one).

  2. Plans help me organize. I see you in YouTube too. I’m amazed at Dr. Castillo’s technology & imaging and I also like your goldfish. I like the landscapes. Harley is King.

    • My plan for today includes thanking you for your kind comment and informing you that the goldfish were in Dr. Del Castillo’s office.

  3. Kathy Tarantola

    Loved the Vaccine Jolene!! You are a star!

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    My plan yesterday was to see you but I wasn’t planning on that big surprise of your song “Vaccine”, loved it!!! and that’s not an easy song to sing! outstanding!!
    I bet you weren’t planning on seeing your twin car too!!
    good luck in your open mike!

  5. Has the filling thief been apprehended yet?

  6. Your “Vaccine” (Jolene) is my favourite if your songs to date. Just wonderful!!! Fabulous performance and lyrics. I hope it finds a wide audience.

    Here in Canada we are having difficulties with the vaccine rollout. The difficulties vary by province. Here in BC things started well and we got a first dose into the arms of most elderly patients who are living in nursing homes, and health care workers there. there were plans to roll out the vaccine to other people based on age but that’s dried up and although I am over 60 and have health conditions it’s looking like it might be a long time before I can be vaccinated and likely most of us in our area, which has high community spread, won’t be vaccinated until 2022.

    The problem seems to be supply. We’re not producing our own vaccine in Canada right now for a variety of reasons and it’ll take a while to get that up and started. The Trump administration wouldn’t let the vaccine producers in the United States sell to us, as I understand it, so the federal government purchased or struck a deal to purchase vaccines in Europe. But now the EU has made a rule that vaccines can’t be exported from there. So they’re just having a lot of difficulty getting the vaccine into Canada, despite our financial commitment to them.

    The Yukon was given quite a lot of vaccine early because they have little in the way of hospitals there to handle an outbreak and a large and vulnerable indigenous population, so lots of people, even young people, have been vaccinated there. Not so here. I don’t know anybody, including my friends who are doctors, who have been vaccinated here. We are all trying to stay home. My adult kids and I have hardly been outside of our house in a year except to walk a few blocks around our house. We are very careful about exposure because of my brother’s stem cell transplant.

  7. barbaralipps8

    I loved Vaccine!! It is my very favorite song to date. The words are perfect and your singing is amazing. I hope Dolly gets to hear it and everybody else too!.
    Funny, I just watched a great documentary of Dolly this week on Netflix. She’s pretty amazing too.

    • It takes one amazing woman to know another one, Barbara, and I’m always so pleased when your plans include connections with me!

  8. I didn’t plan to enjoy “Vaccine” so much–it just happened, although I knew all along I’d enjoy it.

  9. love the song, I have dental fear and never planned to find such a kind, compassionate one as the one I ended up with, unplanned. if I had to plan to eat just one of your delicious looking chocolates, I would plan eat a caramel, but would not be upset if things did not go as planned. sometimes, when play go sideways, something even better happens.

    • I had planned to answer your wonderful comment earlier, but now I had the pleasure of re-reading it, so something even better and beth-er happened.

  10. puella33

    In the, 8 th picture after the video, what is that picture? Is it an antique clock? That’s quite a clever song, Ann- I enjoyed it very much. If I were an agent I’d have it aired on TV and the radio so the distribituors would increase their supply.. It doesn’t cost to dream

  11. Loved Vaccine!!! Loved the two little yellow cars! Have not been to the dentist since before the pandemic. Not regretting that too much. Yet.

  12. I have always been an incredibly detailed planner, but that’s in the past! LOL! I think I’ve lost the ability. Now I barely know what day it is. I’ll just enjoy your plans, if that’s okay with you, Ann?

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