Day 2957: What do you mean?

What do I mean by today’s title?

This is what I mean: it’s okay to ask “What do you mean?”

You might hesitate to ask “What do you mean?” for fear of seeming

  • mean or impolite,
  • ignorant,
  • challenging, and/or
  • otherwise inappropriate.

“What do you mean?” simply means you want more information. Because human communication is so challenging, asking “What do you mean?” is effective, direct, and actually a compliment!

What do I mean by saying it’s compliment? It tells the other person you are interested in their experience, thoughts, and feelings — you want to know more about them.

And since we are all working at making meaning, the more clear meanings we can make together, the better.

What do I mean by these photos?

The Daily Bitch isn’t afraid to ask “What do you mean?” and I hope you feel free to ask the meaning of any of today’s photos.

This is what I find when I search YouTube for “What do you mean?”

What do you mean when you say “Thank you”? I mean to say I’m appreciating all who help me ask questions and explore answers in this daily blog, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 2957: What do you mean?

  1. What do you mean is a good question. Unfortunately, these days, often seen as a challenge and treated as if you are disagreeing with the last statement.

  2. puella33

    “What do you mean” is a great question if the other responding knows what they’re talking about.

  3. Sometimes I worry that I’m overexplaining and that the person I’m talking to will think I’m insulting their intelligence when really I just think I’m not being clear and if I’m insulting anyone’s intelligence it’s my own. I should step back and let them ask, “What do you mean?” if they want. Otherwise they might think I’m being mean.

  4. Oh my gosh, that slice of birthday cake in yesterday post looked so delicious! And today — is that millet? Mmm!

    My fingers gave me a bit of trouble with today’s post, hitting different links several times before the reply link, so I had the pleasure of visiting some of your earlier posts and YouTubes. That was a plus.

    What do you mean to tell us, with the photo of your empty work chair? Is that a way of celebrating vacation?

    • Thanks for asking what I meant with the photo of the chair. I ordered a new chair and put it together that day with Michael’s help. That photo shows the finished product.

  5. what do you mean by that new comfy chair? a treat for your back and body? what do you mean can sound challenging to the person on the other end, I think it depends on the tone of delivery –

    • Thanks for catching my meaning, beth, in so many ways. The new chair gives more support, which I’ve been meaning to add to my office.

  6. Harley is a Buddha, and that is what I mean.

    • Harley sometimes hisses when he wants me to feed him and I ask him, “Why are you hissing when I’m never mean to you?” I don’t know what he means but I’m sure he’s doing his best.

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