Day 2956: Appreciating

Appreciating people is very important to me.

Yesterday, on my birthday, many people were appreciating me and I was appreciating them. Right now, I’m appreciating today’s Daily Bitch Calendar.

I’m especially appreciating today’s Daily Bitch because, for weeks, I’ve been saying this in my therapy groups: “Good work not murdering anybody.” That’s my way of appreciating people for not acting out with pent-up anger and frustration, which most people have been feeling. I’ve been appreciating that my saying something like that usually gets (1) a laugh and (2) a sense of relief.

Today, I’ll be seeing two people I’ve been appreciating for years: my Primary Care Physician Dr. Laura Snydman and my cardiologist Dr. Deeb Salem. I’m sure I’ll be appreciating all that I get from them.

I’m appreciating that I danced to two favorite tunes (here and here on YouTube) with my husband Michael last night and I’m hoping my readers will be appreciating these songs too.

I’m appreciating that at age 68 I can still dance!

I’m still appreciating that my old friend and ex-business partner Jonathan suggested that I celebrate my birthday by listening to this commencement speech by David Foster Wallace that Jonathan has been appreciating for years:


I’m appreciating that I get to share videos and photos with all of you every day.

I hope you are appreciating that I was too busy appreciating many things yesterday to take many photos.

Appreciating is the gift that keeps giving. I’ll be appreciating any comment you leave about appreciating others, yourself, or anything else.

As always, I’m appreciating all who help me create these daily blog posts, including YOU.

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21 thoughts on “Day 2956: Appreciating

  1. Harley is praying and appreciating this moment. “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”- Voltaire

  2. Happy belated birthday!

  3. Dreamer9177

    Your calendar states quite clearly how I feel on so many days 😎

  4. puella33

    I’m appreciating you sharing your happy moments with us. I appreciate you sharing that delicious iceccream cake with us.

  5. I appreciate that you always have such wonderful things to share and that you’re always positive, even when things may not be going well. I hope they are going well this week, though–and how could they not be when you can dance? You’ve also reminded me of something. A friend told me he’d read an article about David Foster Wallace that said Wallace’s troubles with depression and addiction may have been caused by his family moving from Champaign to Urbana. My friend got very worked up about this and started yelling, “They’re so close to being the same city that’s like moving across the street!” I thought he was being funny and laughed which, strangely, my friend did not appreciate.

  6. I appreciate you and your pictures and adventures each and every day. and I sure as hell appreciate your daily bitch calendar. glad you were appreciated on your birthday

  7. I’m appreciating that you take care of yourself and spend some of your birthday vacation week seeing doctors and specialists! And I’m also appreciating seeing that you streamed the Sondheim presentation. I have been thinking of subscribing. I appreciate the nudge to make that happen. 🙂

  8. I always appreciate Michael’s cooking

  9. You are so much appreciated in my life, Ann.

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  11. Happy Belated Birthday Ann! Hope you ate ALL that chocolate cake and had a blast!

    • I am still appreciating the chocolate cake and appreciating Godiva chocolates from Michael (appearing in today’s blog) (the chocolates, not Michael). I am always appreciating our connections, Val.

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