Day 2954: Reading

What have you been reading lately, besides blog posts?

On the recommendation of many people, I’m reading the excellent “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi. Soon I’ll be discussing it in the same reading group that was reading “Me and White Supremacy” last year.

I notice what people are reading and also what they’re NOT reading. That’s why I tweeted this yesterday:

Reading that now, I notice I used a cognitive distortion (all-or-nothing thinking) for effect. Interested in reading more about cognitive distortions? Click here.

For those who want to be reading more of my lyrics for the song “Vaccine,” here they are:


by Ann Koplow

Stadiums and CVS

And other places you might guess

Are where they’ll send

each life-protecting vial.

But if you’re under 70

and want this precious remedy,

Chances are you’ll have to wait a while.

©️Ann Koplow, 2021

If you’d rather be hearing those lyrics than reading them, you can sign up for the Jam’n Java Open Mic for this Friday, February 5.!/showSignUp/9040b4eadaa23a2f49-jamn20

If you’re reading joy and relaxation in this post, that’s because I’m on my birthweek staycation! I’ll be reading more and working much less all week.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my images today.

In all my years of reading films, I’ve never seen anything quite like “Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence” from Footlight Parade:

I look forward to reading your comments, below.

If you’re used to reading my daily posts, you know I always end with gratitude, so thanks to all my awesome readers, including YOU!

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23 thoughts on “Day 2954: Reading

  1. I’m halfway through Little Dorrit. As you probably know, I’ve been widowed twice; married four times, twice to the same person.

  2. Happy Birthday Ann. I’ve been reading lots of policies and procedures in order to update them. My head hurts!

  3. Hi Ann, I wrote a long response and hit send just as my doctor was phoning me, but it looks like it went into the stratosphere.

    Happy birthday week!

    I think there are a number of reasons why somebody might have blocked you on Facebook. I’ve accidentally done it. She might not be aware of it even. once I blocked a friend’s real account after she told me that she had been hacked and I noticed multiple invitations from someone with the same name and same email address. So I blocked all the accounts with that name as I couldn’t tell them apart. Then she sent me invitations to friend her but I could never tell if they were real or not. It took months to fix that.
    I’ve also accidentally blocked people or sent people I don’t even know invitations to friend me on Facebook when Facebook changed some of its formatting and I was scrolling and my thumb hit a place it shouldn’t have.. it’s been awhile since that happened but Facebook used to be pretty easily triggered for somebody with poor eyesight.

    Quite often I deactivate my Facebook account for a few months because of other things going on my life, and sometimes friends think that I have blocked them. Even my brother thought that! Even now that I know that people sometimes assume that if your face has disappeared from your profile that you have blocked them, I don’t have any recourse when I deactivate my account. There’s no way to just leave a notice up saying that my account is deactivated, please contact me by email.
    I hope that you can ask your friend directly why you having blocked on Facebook. There’s a good chance that this has nothing to do with you but has something to do with her. Sometimes people get overwhelmed and can’t handle any input.
    After deactivating my account, I have sometimes being distanced in other ways by friends who didn’t know that my account was deactivated but noticed that I did not reach out to them after they were diagnosed with cancer or had a baby. That’s because I didn’t know! But of course, when you have cancer and you put it on Facebook that you have cancer, you just assume that the news gets around.
    You are a lovely person and I can’t imagine why anybody would block you on purpose.

    • I’ve missed reading your comments, my friend, and when I wrote this post I imagined a helpful and supportive comment just like this coming from you! Many thanks, Maureen, for all your thoughtfulness over the years. 💕

  4. puella33

    Ann , I was reading your replies on Twitter, they’re smart with a twist of humor. I wish you a wonderful day on your birthday, and may your year be as pleasant as you. Lots of hugs

    • Thank you for all the wonderful things you read into my words and please remember that it takes one smart and pleasant person to know another one.

  5. What great image! How fascinating Harley’s pose is!

  6. Here I am showing up and I’ll do my best to be gentle and tell the truth. I’m wishing you a happy birthday a day early. I’ll probably show up and wish you a happy birthday tomorrow too but the truth is when you really want someone to have a happy birthday you can’t say it too many times. Also I’m reading The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis after having watched and enjoyed the Netflix series, but maybe I should take a break with something more seasonal.

  7. this is your last sleep and then you will wake up on your birthday and my favorite holiday – Groundhog Day! this means you get to celebrate over and over until you get it right!

  8. I know nothing of Facebook, s can’t help, but you’ve had some interesting explanations. I just finished Snow by John Banville and have been reading The Country of the Pointed Firs along with my niece. I read it years ago and loved it, but honestly didn’t remember much about it. I do like it a great deal this second time around, too. It’s so different from modern fiction and some of the emotions are so truly shown. Stay safe and warm–luckily you don’t have to go anywhere!

  9. I read the Washington Post, the local daily and various news sites around and about, Ann.

    • The Washington Post tells me there’s a new wonderful Stephen Sondheim revue that starts streaming today, Mark, so that’s now part of my birthday plans.

  10. I am reading “River of Fire” by Sister Helen Prejean (author of “Dead Man Walking”). She is a witty, amazing woman whose writing is so transparent. It really allows you to see into her soul! Very interesting. I am sharing the reading weekly in a “Book Study” with a friend who grew up as a Catholic and lends wonderful insight into the reading. Thanks for asking the question… I am enjoying all the responses.

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