Day 2953: Join us on our mission!

I received this mission message yesterday on a bag of salty but relatively healthy snacks:

I didn’t read about their mission because I thought I was doing enough for their mission by buying and consuming their product. Also, I’m on vacation this week, so my mission is to relax, focus on self-care, and re-energize for my work as a group therapist during these difficult times.

So many people are asking me to join their mission these days, that I have to choose my missions wisely. For example, when I chose a birthday fundraiser on Facebook this year, I wasn’t sure which mission to join. There were so many worthy missions I considered, from racial justice, to environmental activism, to animal protection, and so on. I eventually joined the same mission I joined for my birthday fundraiser last year, Everytown for Gun Safety.

Join us on our mission to

  • improve the world, one step at a time,
  • focus on self-care, so you have the energy to engage,
  • accept all feelings,
  • set and maintain clear and healthy boundaries,
  • let go of worry, guilt, shame, and harsh judgment, and
  • observe and appreciate all you have.

Reply requested, and please listen to “Mission Impossible” while you consider choosing to accept the mission of joining us in the comments section, below.


Join us on our mission to express gratitude and love, every day!

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18 thoughts on “Day 2953: Join us on our mission!

  1. One step from the really big day, Ann. May your birthday vacation fill your tanks to the top!

  2. I love your mission Ann. Have a fun relaxing week 💕

  3. what a great mission and I’m on board and strapped in for the ride, captain!

  4. If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know that I’m green with envy over that runner on your stairs. Finding something like that is now my mission!

  5. The music helped me in my mission to wish you a Happy nearly Birthday!

  6. puella33

    That’s a good cause, Ann.

  7. That reminds me of the time I was in a pub in the small town of Grantham and two guys came and sat down next to me. They were Irish and introduced themselves as Bob and Dara and told me, “We’re on a mission.” I asked them what their mission was but instead of answering me they asked if I was American and told me how cool it was to them to meet an American. We had a nice talk after that but I never could get them to tell me what their mission was–just that they were on one.
    I got a taxi to go back to school and I told Big Dave I’d just met these two Irish guys. He laughed and said, “Oh, everybody knows Bob and Dara! They’re on a mission!”

  8. What great images Ann. The snow is so surreal. To join a mission is so exciting with Harley by your side.

  9. Have a wonderful vacation and birthday, too, Ann. What a clever idea to post a birthday fundraiser. 🙂

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