Day 2952: I got nothing, part 2

Yesterday, I wrote “I got nothing” and apparently there’s a lot more where that came from.

Today is the first day of my birthweek vacation, and I got nothing I have to do.

I got nothing but joy about that.

When Michael recently asked me what I wanted for my birthday (and nothing is cooler than having your birthday on Groundhog Day), I replied, “Nothing.”

When he asked me again, I said, “I got nothing but love for all things chocolate.”

Yesterday, I told him I got nothing when I look in the mirror at night, so could he please switch these bathroom lights for my birthday?

I got nothing but excitement about performing my new lyrics for “Jolene” at an open mic this Friday.

VACCINE (to the tune of “Jolene”)

by Ann Koplow

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine.

I’m beggin’ you please shoot it in my arm.

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine.

I need it to protect myself from harm.

Coronavirus everywhere, pandemic panic in the air

With masks and death and sanitizer too.

We’ve tried our best to quarantine to hide from COVID-19.

The vaccine is what we need to make it through.

© Ann Koplow, 2021

If you got nothing better to do this Friday, February 5, between 7 – 9 PM Eastern Standard Time, here’s the sign-up link to be in the audience to hear me sing those lyrics and more:

I got nothing better to share than Dolly Parton singing her amazing song “Jolene.”

I got nothing but these other images to share today.


I got nothing more to say than please comment, below, and thanks to all who help me make something out of nothing here every day, including YOU.

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25 thoughts on “Day 2952: I got nothing, part 2

  1. Kelly Haran

    Happy Birthweek! Thanks for sharing the wonderful Jolene. When I read the first word’s of your post, I got Streisand’s “I Got Plenty of Nothing” in my head. Cheers to nothing!

  2. Great Post! Happy Birthday. Groundhog day is one of my favorite days. I use it to recharge and make sure I am not stuck like Phil in the movie. Peace and Blessings

  3. Thank you for giving me a song and a little dance in my step on your birthday week, Ann.

  4. Brrrrrrrr. One good thing about winter is it motivates my knitting. And more hearty cooking of chili and stew. Oh and the white snow outlining the dark tree branch lines is amazing. I get to wear all the knitted things. Handknit socks make me cozy. Crawl into flannel sheets. Baking bread is extra nice, too. When the roads are icy and the monotonous pandemic continues, I curl under an Afghan with a hot cup of tea and enjoy a book.

  5. Debbie T

    I have a comment and a question. My comment is: I love those crispy chocolate covered quinoa snacks, though the rest of my family gives me odd looks. That’s ok, more for me. My question is: does the cute enclosed gazebo have heat so you can use it in cold weather?

    • Both Michael and I love those quinoa snacks, but Whole Foods had nothing of them last weekend, so I ordered a bunch online. The cute enclosed gazebo used to have heat but when we moved in it had nothing; I solved that problem by installing a space heater. Before the pandemic, I did individual therapy sessions in there, which was something.

      I always appreciate your comments and questions, my friend.

  6. Because of Dolly Parton’s contributions to developing a vaccine I bet there have been a few new versions of “Jolene” but they’ve got nothing on yours.

  7. Ooooh, I sang your vaccine song! It’s fabulous! You got a song, not nothing (but get the lights changed anyway; you’ll feel better).

  8. happy birthday week. – like you, I like to stretch it out and make it a fiesta. I’ve got nothing but happiness for you

  9. I got nothing to say but have a good birthday week

  10. Have a great birthweek! Your songs are so witty and that is something.

  11. I love the lyrics to your “Vaccine.” Fabulous, Ann. And have a wonderful birthday week and vacation!

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