Day 2947: Too nice?

Do you ever wonder if you are too nice? Especially in response to people who are not too nice?

I don’t think being too nice is the problem, these days. Personally, I think it’s nice when people are nice. Indeed, it’s nice to think about nice people being in charge for a while.

When people are the opposite of nice on Twitter, I think it’s very nice when somebody responds, “S/he seems nice.” It’s nice to have an all-purpose comeback like that about mean people. Often I’m too shocked (if not too nice) to know how to quickly and effectively respond to verbal abuse in the moment.

Of course, it’s important to respond to abuse. I just don’t think self doubt about being “too nice” (or “too anything”) helps us act and move forward.

Are any of my recent images too nice ?


Is it too nice if I celebrate here in America with “America” from West Side Story?

It would be so nice if you share your thoughts and feelings, below, without worrying if you’re being too nice or not nice enough.

It’s impossible to be too grateful, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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8 thoughts on “Day 2947: Too nice?

  1. I try my best to be nice to all, even when I consider someone to be not nice. It is very difficult sometimes!

  2. Your images always amaze me. May I ask — do you get an idea for a blog topic then go through your own pics and then the Internet to accompany them? Or do you collect images and pull them out depending upon your topic? It’s a skill much envied, that is for sure. You can never be too nice!

    • This comment is too nice and so encouraging! I take photos and capture images intuitively, trusting at this point that whatever topic occurs to me in the morning, the images will fit well enough. Sometimes an image will inspire the title, like it did with this post.

  3. When someone says “S/he seems nice” sarcastically it reminds me of how the expression “Bless his/her heart” is usually assumed to be an insult. Yet my grandmother said “Bless their hearts” all the time and always meant it as a sincere expression of sympathy. Some people took advantage of my grandmother but I don’t think that’s because she was too nice. She treated the world with kindness and it’s the fault of other people that some of them responded with cruelty.

  4. I tend to stay in the nice lane, and prefer to live and lead by example. I never fail to be taken by surprise when someone is not nice. at this point in life, you would think I wouldn’t be surprised by that, but I think I always will be. that being said, I certainly do have my moments….)

  5. puella33

    Too nice verses very nice… I think too nice is a term people use to put people down out of envy in this particular case.. sometimes it can be out of pity. Very nice, on the other hand is just as it sounds – pleasant, decent helpful, and being selfless. I think Bob Ross was a very nice person I like hearing his perspective on people and situations while he painted.

  6. Only Harley knows if it’s too nice.

  7. Nice is important, Ann. You have to know when an edge is needed, though.

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