Day 2946: What gets your attention?

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the title of today’s post, I’ll admit that toxic people and dangerous situations are getting my attention, here and now.

I find it difficult to pay attention to the positive when so many negatives — like injustice, climate change, the pandemic, and untrustworthy people with power — need attention.

Negatives naturally get our attention, including negatives about ourselves. We pay attention to the negative in order to attend to and solve problems.

However, ignoring the positives within and around us can distort our attention — keeping us overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, and stressed. We need to balance our attention in order to more effectively attend to ourselves and others.

What gets your attention in my latest photos?

Good food and cats have been getting my attention for decades.

This is what got my attention during the America Celebrates Inauguration Day special:

If you leave a comment about what gets your attention, attention will be paid.

Finally, what gets my attention is gratitude, so thanks to all who help me attend to this daily blog, including YOU.

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8 thoughts on “Day 2946: What gets your attention?

  1. Thank you for allowing hope, peace and Harley to get my attention this chilly Sunday morning, Ann.

  2. My attention is drawn to the very heavy snow that is now falling!

  3. puella33

    I think it’s human nature to concentrate on the negative, even if there are more positives. I don’t fully understand that reasoning, but I find it true. As you may already know, what gets my attention are the pictures of the water. The waterfront has always captured my attention, not only because where there’s water , there’s life, but because perhaps it symbolizes the idea of freedom- of coming and going. The seaport has always been a place of transport . Have a nice day, Ann and everyone

  4. I once heard Andy Kindler, who may have gotten your attention when he was a patient of Dr. Katz, on a live panel show. He was asked if he had an attention deficit disorder and made me and a lot of other people laugh by looking confused and saying, “What?”
    I agree with puella33 that it’s in our nature to focus on the negative, but things that make us really happy can draw our attention just as strongly.

  5. barbaralipps8

    Thank you for that inspirational music video from Celebrating America. Love those songs!

  6. Today what gets my attention is Michael’s dish as I would eat it from here if I could.

  7. The tranquility of the water in your photos captured my attention, Ann. I am so eager to be able to resume more walking at the beach and spending time at the ocean’s edge. We have too many maskless people at the various Southern California beach areas, so we’ve stayed away. I had immunization #1 today, so I’m hopeful. And that has my attention today!

  8. I see hope and peace and love and a way out in your pics

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