Day 2939: Hey, cutie!

Hey, cutie!

I’m writing today’s blog post for all of us who are not feeling particularly cute these days.

You are much cuter than you feel.

I’m not being cute — I know this because of all the years I’ve spent being a cute-enough therapist to many cute-enough people who have trouble realizing how cute they are.

Just last week, I was doing a remote therapy session on the phone with a cute-enough person who was feeling sad, depressed, and anxious about many non-cute realities.

Because I cutely and acutely know that shame and self-doubt often increase during crises, I suggested at the end of the session that, once a day, she look in the mirror and say to herself, “Hey, cutie!”

It was cute how dramatically her mood improved after I said this. I could hear the cute lightness in her tone when she promised she would try my cute prescription.

Hey, cutie! What do you think would happen if you tried that same cute prescription?

Hey, cutie! Do you see any cuties in my latest images?

That last image shows my latest cute attempt to get more cute engagements on Twitter.

Hey, cutie! You’re still cute, no matter how many cute people engage with you on social media and elsewhere.

Hey, cutie! Here are the cute Turner brothers covering a cute Hank Williams classic.

Hey, cutie! Consider leaving a cute comment, below.

Hey, cutie! Many thanks to you and all the other cuties who help me create this cute blog, every day.

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24 thoughts on “Day 2939: Hey, cutie!

  1. I see oodles of cute in your pics and words. I think sometimes people forget and drop the ‘e’ at the end of the word, thinking they are somehow less, or a ‘cut’ person, instead of a ‘cute’ person.

  2. This was a cute day in Ann’s blog world!

  3. Cute cat, cute clouds, cute carrots, cute cartoon, cute comedy nose. A great deal of cuteness all round today.

  4. Harley is very cute and seeing his cute face not only makes me feel better but I think makes me want to be a better person.

  5. Great images Ann, I like the landscapes, and Harley Budai.
    Cutie is really Harley Budai. He is said to have descended from the 10th century in the Wuyue kingdom. His name literally means “cloth sack”, and refers to the bag that he is conventionally depicted as carrying as he wanders aimlessly. His jolly nature, humorous personality, and eccentric lifestyle distinguish him from most Buddhist masters or figures. He is almost always shown smiling or laughing, hence his nickname in Chinese, the “Laughing Buddha”. As he is traditionally depicted as fat, he is also referred to as the “Fat Buddha”, especially in the Western world. He’s also known as the incarnation of the Maitreya, the Buddha of the Future.

    • Why is Budai fat? Budai became a subject of popular devotion in Zen Buddhism, both in China and in Japan, his large belly and sack are believed to represent abundance.

  6. puella33

    Cute smile of Harley in first picture, cute cherub in the garden. Very cute blog, today,

    • Thank you for the cuteness in this comment!

      I don’t mean to be cute, but that first picture shows my co-worker’s cute cat, who looks a lot like cute Harley (who rarely smiles).

  7. Your photos surpass cute Ann. Beautiful captures ❣️

  8. Cute kitty, that’s for sure!

  9. I love all the ocean photos. They make me feel happy. Now cute? I might have to work at that. LOL! But you always make me smile.

  10. Your ‘cutie’ advice made me smile as well, Ann. Gonna have to try that on those mornings when cute is the last thing I’m feelin’. Thanks for bringin’ the joy… 🙂

  11. as usual I am smiling from ear to ear reading this 🙂

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