Day 2938: Supportive and loving places

Throughout my life, I have looked for — and tried to create — supportive and loving places.

Last night, before I sang my new lyrics for “People are Strange,” I talked about supportive and loving places.

Do you see any supportive and loving places in my photos from yesterday?

Supportive and loving places are created by supportive and loving people and those are two of them: Joe, who is the MC of the Jam’n Java Open Mic, and Nat, who has appeared in this blog here, here, here, here, and here.

Nat sent me these supportive and loving messages after my performance:

Nat: So much fun!!! Sooooo on point. Some governmental agency should pay you to use that as a public safety announcement.

Me: You should be my manager!

Nat: Easiest management gig ever – your awesomeness promotes itself! You should put that on YouTube at least.

Me: I will!

And I did.

What are your supportive and loving places?

Gratitude and appreciation create supportive and loving places, so thanks to everyone, including YOU!!!

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16 thoughts on “Day 2938: Supportive and loving places

  1. You most certainly create a supportive and loving place right here, Ann, which I love to visit from my supportive and loving home I share with my dear wife Karen and our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B.

  2. this post is oozing with caring and support – my support comes from my family, dear friends and colleagues and my tiny kinder

  3. Awesomeness indeed 💕

  4. Supportive places are those in which I can see Buddha Harley.

  5. Well this was an awesome visit! And wow – your song is powerful.

    My beloved, Beaumont, my daughters, sisters, step-kids, friends, the world around me, being by the river, in the forest…. being with those I love and cherish, being in my studio…. my world is filled with loving, supportive people and places. ❤

  6. puella33

    One of my supportive and loving place is here. I love your video,

  7. Several years ago an LGBT center opened on the campus where I work—or rather worked, and will work again eventually. I took a tour and it was emphasized again and again that while the center was a safe space for LGBT people on campus it was open to everyone. That’s something I’ve noticed is true of all safe spaces: they’re open to everyone.
    Thank you for creating safe spaces wherever you are.

  8. Your performance is just so much fun, Ann! How wonderful to receive support from the other performers, and to have this lovely community in which to share your talent. Thanks for sharing with us, too, Ann.

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