Day 2937: What is helping people fall asleep this week?

Last night, when I couldn’t fall asleep, I tweeted the question in today’s title. Much to my surprise, I got lots of answers, which helped me fall asleep.

How would you answer that question? What is helping you fall asleep this week?

Do you see anything in my recent images that would help you fall asleep?

The Daily Bitch is telling me that there are friggin’ reasons why I’m having trouble falling asleep this week.

Here’s “How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes” from AsapSCIENCE:

Hearing back from people helps me fall asleep, so consider leaving a comment below.

Finally, gratitude is helping me fall asleep this week, so thanks to all who read this blog, including YOU!

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19 thoughts on “Day 2937: What is helping people fall asleep this week?

  1. Why does it take seven minutes forty nine seconds to tell us how to fall asleep in two minutes?

  2. Sometimes even a good movie can help me fall asleep.

  3. puella33

    Sometimes , you just can’t sleep but I don’t think that schmuck who’s leaving in 5 days is worth losing sleep- he never lost sleep for us. Sometimes watching an old film might do it.

  4. thinking about the good things coming….

  5. The sight of a cozy Dr. Harley in this blog.

  6. Lunchtime Antique programmes does it for me

  7. Reading…one book after another. And binge watching ‘Madame Secretary.’ Nice to watch leaders with a conscience…

  8. Thanks for sharing all this advice, Ann!

  9. I listen to calming music and that gets me to sleep. I am thankful that I get to sleep easily. Now i will say that lately my dreams have been a little chaotic and stressful. That’s a new situation! Love your Tweets, Ann.

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