Day 2936: High alert

You’d have to be high (as we used to say back in the 60’s) not to be on high alert if you live in the USA.

I captured the following images when I was on high alert.

Some of those images put me on high alert to invite you to sign up for my Open Mic tomorrow, January 15, before the end of today.

I’ll be singing my new lyrics to the Doors’ “People Are Strange” which I wrote when I was on high alert.

Here’s what immediately comes up on “You Tube” when I search for “high alert.”

It’s exhausting to be on high alert, isn’t it? Please be on alert for signs of support and gratitude.

Finally, thanks to all who’ve helped me stay alert through eight years of blogging, including YOU.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2936: High alert

  1. With all that is going on right now, how can we not be on high alert? And not only in USA but all over the world!! Prayers for peace are badly needed! And people who need a helping hand, should be given a helping hand. It is terrible when people lose control and resort to violence. Why can’t we all live in peace and without fear?

  2. During the Cold War years there used to be an army poster in Germany that encouraged people to “Be Alert”. They were often added to so they read “Be Alert. The army needs LERTS!”

  3. puella33

    What do we do to be on high alert? Is it safe to take a walk or will someone m say” she looks like a democrat, I think I’ll shoot her”? When I saw the disaster last week, I said to myself, ” what a bunch of ignorant honkytonks”… Some of them came from well to do families. Do you see my point?

  4. Is that you with the guitar, Ann?

  5. My heart aches for my friends and family living in the USA. We are a global village. I’m so sorry for all the pain this past year, that politics and mental illness and pandemic crisis has brought to the world. I was heartened to see that veterans formed Continue to Serve. We need to continue to be kind to our neighbours and get through this ugly time. Thanks for keeping things in perspective, Ann.

  6. The “Pray for peace” rock looks like a heart to me, but maybe I’m just on high alert for any sign of hope after the events of the past week. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go check my wallet for any spare change.

  7. For about two years I’ve preserved a fine bottle of champagne, and then had decided I was going to break it open on the 20th. The inauguration is rather early on the west coast, but maybe a couple of mimosas? But with the tension and a constant state of being on high alert, I’m rethinking my celebratory stance. I might need a cup of chamomile tea instead!

  8. I think the peace rock looks like a heart, too, as Christopher said above. that says it all. and the pic of you with your guitar.

  9. I’m on high alert for another good idea from Michael’s cuisine.

  10. You are right to be on high alert

  11. Yes, Ann. I am exhausted when I wake up in the morning.

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