Day 2932: What’s the scariest animal?

Yesterday, I watched Stephen Colbert ask Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and George Clooney the same set of interesting questions including “What’s the scariest animal?”

At first, I was thinking that the scariest animal would be a crocodile or a bear. Later that night, I realized that, to me, the scariest animal was something else.


What’s the scariest animal in my images for today?

Yep. For me, the scariest animal is man.

When I search YouTube for “What’s the scariest animal?” I find “10 Terrifying Animals That Are Actually Friendly.”

What’s the scariest animal to you?

Thanks to all the animals who helped me create today’s blog post and thanks to all the animals who are reading it, including YOU.

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30 thoughts on “Day 2932: What’s the scariest animal?

  1. Man is scariest yes indeed, Ann.

  2. For sure Man. Speaking about George Clooney, you might be interested in the “Midnight Sky”. Great images Ann. There’s a way to post images in gallery form so individual comments can be left.

  3. Humans are definitely the scariest animal to me, but I also think about how all living things have a role to play in this planet’s ecology. It’s frightening that we have the ability to forget that we’re part of the web of life, not outside or above it, and, more frighteningly, we have the power to irreparably damage that web. Most animals are scared of predators that are other species. We should be scared of ourselves because we have the ability to wipe out everything.

  4. Without a shadow of a doubt – Humans.

  5. When I saw your post/question in my email feed this morning, My mind immediately leapt to ‘humans’
    Sigh. We’ve got free choice and we still choose violence. Sad.

  6. Definitely human beings, but polar bears come a close second. They look so cute, but they’re very deadly and can run and swim faster than I can!

  7. puella33

    The scariest animal for me is the snake,, that man you’re referring to is the same

  8. No question Ann.

  9. I am pretty scared of bedbugs, even though as far as I know I’ve never been bitten. They are very little, but I’d rather find a cougar in my closet than a family of bedbugs. I like spiders, though. Ants are fascinating.

    Humans really run the gamut, I can’t consider them as a group. Some humans are terrifying and have done real harm. But, then there are humans like you and Michael and your readers and your dentist and your cardiologist and many other people I know, and luckily there are far more wonderful humans than scary ones. That plate piled high with carrots looks like evidence of a wonderful human near you, to me.

  10. Indeed, man is the scariest. But man is also the one who can selflessly sacrifice everything to help someone else — to love someone else. A plus in any person’s column.

  11. without a doubt, it is man. from your pics and from life. we have the potential to be any kind of person that we want to be, but the scariest animal are the humans who hurt others in any way.

  12. totally agree. Apparently Hanks was terrified of the beach worms people catch for bait. To be honest, I never let my son go naked on the beach when he was little like many do. Those worms will climb aboard!! eewwww

    • I was afraid to look up those worms, Christine, because I didn’t want more scary creatures to haunt my dreams. Thanks for the comment!

  13. Right there with you, Ann. Hands down it’s man. We have the knowledge and ability to inflict great, sometimes irreparable harm, yet simultaneously lack the insight or will to take a different path. I shake my head….

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  15. Saleh Hassan

    I was looking for posts about animals, and I bumped into your report.
    I was shocked when I saw the word “Man”, then I realized that you meant “humanity”.
    We are part of humanity. The only difference is we don’t see our faults.
    We are an incomplete creatures, with a unique mixture of evil & good inside us.
    I don’t remember how many times I blamed others for certain action to find out later that I do something similar to it.
    I just wanted to say my opinion, Ann.
    Have a good day

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