Day 2931: Everything happens for a reason

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

I find it more difficult to believe that everything happens for a reason when so many people seem to have lost their reason.

When so many people seem to have lost their reason, I look for a reason for why that has happened. That’s why I posted this question on Twitter yesterday:


People’s responses happened for a reason and included the following:


Those answers may have happened for a reason, but I still can’t find the reasons why so many people are still Trump supporters after all the unreasonable — and dangerous — things he has done and said.

Have these photos and other images happened for a reason?

There’s a reason why I captured that last image — I plan to use the “Thank you!” to end this post.

Here is “Everything Happens for a Reason” by Zhané:

It happens that I have so many reasons to be grateful, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including you!

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28 thoughts on “Day 2931: Everything happens for a reason

  1. The reason is not always reasonable

  2. It’s hard to find a reasonable answer for this dilemma that won’t soon go away, Ann.

  3. I do fully believe that, though it make take some time to find the reason, or we may never know, but there is always a reason, and one that we may not like if we really knew what it was. one of my favorite quotes is from ‘a wrinkle in time’ and is in French, but it translates to: the heart has its reasons, where reason knows nothing.

  4. Maybe, maybe not, however:

  5. puella33

    All do respect to one of your bloggers above, I don’t think this calamity was due to religion. There is no religion that believes in violence. It’s due to misinformed minds, people who are in despair, Then it just became “cult-like” .
    Unfortunately, I do know of some Trump followers, – I just try to avoid politics with them. I don’t know what their reaction is to what happened yesterday- I think I would rather not know.
    I don’t know if there’s a reason for everything- if something positive will come out of this. It’s sad that something bad has to happen to bring out the positive Life is like a painting – you need the shadows to bring out the bright colors.

  6. I used to think there was a grand overarching plan that meant everything happened for a reason, but I think now we really are responsible for how we respond to things beyond our control.

  7. I think that more and more I think in terms of everything being directly controlled through consequences of other actions. I think we’ve really been living that maxim this week!

    And I have the same text message from Ossoff’s team. I received it proudly. 🙂

  8. I think most Trump supporters are aggrieved. It seems economic to me.These are people whose jobs were lost to NAFTA back in the 90s and as a nation we never did anything to help replace those lost jobs; nor did we create policies to respond effectively to the effects of globalism. There have always been ant-intellectual nut cases and racists and neo-Nazis and the like. People with serious economic gripes joined their numbers and it’s always easy to blame someone else for your troubles, as well. And the Republicans realized they could get numbers by focusing on culture wars. It’s a fine stew of troubles.

  9. I know far too many Trump supporters, and in my experience, there is no reasoning with them at all. In response to any question about the current administration, they parrot flimsy theories gleaned from Fox and Breitbart and when pressed, can offer no substance to back them. OR (my favorite) they immediately pivot to a ‘whatabout-ism’ and start bemoaning something Obama did). As another reader said, I think they are aggrieved, but their frustration (and hopes) are misdirected.

  10. Everything happens for a reason when Nature takes its course.

  11. I love the painted blue Georgia.

  12. Sometimes the only reason is that that some people just lose touch with common sense, to the detriment of those around them. But our happening was meant to be!

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