Day 2930: Home is

Home is

  • where the heart is.
  • where I hang my masks.
  • where I don’t have to wear a mask.
  • where I’m writing this blog post.
  • where I have all my feelings.
  • where I try to let go of fear, worry, anxiety, and despair.
  • a comfort to me.
  • where I feel safe.
  • where I am doing my remote Coping and Healing groups.
  • where I gather my strength.
  • where I live with my husband Michael and our cat Harley.
  • like the best restaurant ever because Michael is such a great cook.
  • where I took these photos:


Home is different things to different people.


“Home is” by Jacob Collier is what I was listening to yesterday when I took those photos of homes.

Home is where I’ll be awaiting any comments on today’s post.

Home is where I am grateful, here and now, for all who help me feel like I’m always at home, including YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Day 2930: Home is

  1. We can be at home and also be with each other and for each other. Sometimes, it is when we return home that we are restored to a place where we can reach out again.

  2. Home is the place I’m always happy to return to!

  3. puella33

    Ann, excuse my ignorance, but what does the F stand for on cloth fire cracker? Home is a sacred place – sometimes I find it in the hearts of people. We’ll be heading home in 12 days, Ann

  4. I feel each person’s blog is also a home of sorts–one they graciously share with others, allowing strangers to come in and comment on the decor. Your blog is one I return to regularly because, of course, you make it a welcoming place.

  5. home is where you live, with those who care for you and you for them, and for all of the special things within

  6. Home is my sanctuary. I’m grateful I have one.

  7. Home is where Dr. Harley listens with his heart.

  8. Home is supposed to be where we feel safe and secure, Ann.

  9. What instructions come with that F bomb?

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