Day 2929: When the bottom drops out

Yesterday morning, before the bottom dropped out at the USA Capitol Building in Washington, people in my Coping and Healing group discussed experiences of when the bottom drops out, including how that feels and how to cope. By sharing those experiences of when the bottom drops out and realizing they were not alone, the group members lifted each other up. I suggested that when the bottom drops out again they look down, feel their feet securely on the floor, and realize that the bottom is still there, even if it feels like it has dropped out.

According to an online definition, the bottom drops out “alludes to collapsing deeper than the very lowest point, or bottom.”

Yesterday afternoon, the current inhabitant of the White House collapsed deeper than his previous lowest point/bottom, inciting his followers to violently disrupt the transfer of power in the country I love.

As the whole world watched in horror, the bottom dropped out in the USA yesterday. Those of us who are familiar with malignant narcissists like Trump know that the bottom will drop out even LOWER if he remains in office.

When the bottom drops out, I’m too upset to take many photos, so here are all my recent images from top to bottom:

What do you do when the bottom drops out? When the bottom drops out for me, I reach out for people I love and trust, I anchor myself in the present moment, and I tell myself, “It’s safer than it feels.”

Therefore, I’m going to post, again, the video I shared on this blog yesterday, before the bottom dropped out, of audience members at the Stephen Colbert Show lifting up the late, great U.S. congressman from Georgia, John Lewis, as he crowd-surfed above them.

It makes me cry, here and now, to see how far the bottom has dropped out of my country.

Here is Senator Amy Klobuchar speaking to Stephen Colbert last night about her experience of when the bottom dropped out yesterday:

Here‘s Stephen Colbert showing a lot of feeling in his live monologue last night after the bottom dropped out and before his interview with Senator Klobuchar:

And here‘s his interview with Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger about his experience of when the bottom dropped out.

If you have any thoughts or feelings about when the bottom drops out, please drop a comment, below.

Now that you’ve reached the bottom here, thanks — from the bottom of my heart — to all who help me drop a blog post every day, including you.

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34 thoughts on “Day 2929: When the bottom drops out

  1. This is a very deep bottom, Ann. My sinking feeling about many fellow Americans led by the Rager in Chief fell, fell, fell.

  2. Speechless here. I blogged a winter tree. Seemed irrelevant. I do not know what to do with what I feel. Coffee and knitting out of habit, can’t even put my face to the sun and there is only gray. Bleak gray.

  3. Dr. Harley, thanks for being here when the bottom dropped out.

  4. The like button is so inappropriate – but I have to say I have anticipated something like this for quite a while – needless to say it was worse than I imagined.

  5. There are a number of stories in the media about how the police response would have been different if it had been BLM supporters at the Capitol rather than white Trump supporters. That was very apparent to viewers yesterday. Even though that isn’t a surprise, it’s still shocking.

    The video that you posted twice isn’t available for viewing in Canada and not even the title is visible. It’s different than the usual “This title isn’t available in your region” messages, which usually allow you to see the name of the video and so yesterday I thought you were making a joke when you posted that. I am very curious to know what it is.

    • Here is another video of John Lewis crowdsurfing at the Colbert show, with a bonus track of him dancing to the song “Happy.”

      • I LOVE this video,Ann. Thank you! Even though it is a happy, upbeat, hopeful and fun video, when he started dancing to Happy I burst into tears. I am not even sure why.

      • I’ve been bursting into tears because, as I blogged about during my first year here, kindness makes me cry, especially in the midst of cruelty.

    • Thank you for helping me prevent the bottom from dropping out at this blog, Maureen. I edited yesterday’s post to include a video so people could see all those people I love.

  6. Very happy to see John Lewis again and to be introduced to Amy Klobuchar!

  7. puella33

    It must be such an awful feeling “of rape” to have vandals enter. My initial reaction was anger towards the initiator, then , I couldn’t realize how ignorant are the followers, don’t they realize he’s playing them like a fiddle? Then, it was desperation when 4 lives were lost- the pity from the other countries were needed for consolation.
    He should be fired as soon as possible.

  8. This morning I was somewhat relieved when I turned on the news first thing this morning to hear that Nasha the giraffe at the Nashville Zoo hasn’t had her baby yet. I knew if that was news then things at least hadn’t gotten worse even if they weren’t necessarily better.
    It still doesn’t feel like things are better and I worry how much worse they’ll get. Now is very much a time when we need someone like John Lewis, and I hope there are others who can pick up where he left.

  9. this was a very big bottom, ann. the top for me was the rescue kitty who came to live with us last night.

  10. I am almost afraid to say that I don’t think we’ve hit bottom yet. My “top” is that my daughter has had her health restored after a year of cancer treatment. I find that colors everything with joy. But I’m dealing with outrage at what occurred yesterday. It’s hard to hold onto joy and such anger at the same time. It may explain why I’m exhausted!

  11. I enjoyed that Colbert interview withAdam Kinzinger.

  12. Sad and worrying times.

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