Day 2928: Love everyone

Some days, it’s easier to love everyone. For me, today is one of those days.

I also love every one of my photos today.

I love everyone, including the person who responded to my tweet last night of that last photo captioned “Harley is a Democat” with “Someone’s projecting! Harley doesn’t care” and then liked my response of “Harley cares about many things.”

I love everyone in this video:

I love my reader Maureen, who tells me that some people can’t view that video, so here, again, is the late, great U.S. Congressman from Georgia, John Lewis, crowdsurfing at the Stephen Colbert Show, with a bonus track of him dancing to the song “Happy.”

I love everyone who reads this blog, including YOU!

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19 thoughts on “Day 2928: Love everyone

  1. May the good thoughts continue, Ann.

  2. Harley has an honoris causa doctorate, but he still wants to be board certified. Love everyone.

  3. puella33

    I have my “hopeful painting” with the green rose out for good luck. So far it’s working…. I have to say, maybe just for “therapy” , but I find it hard to love everyone. I ask myself why are those Republican Senators making fools out of themselves and creating hateful and violent crowds.. I find those kind of people hard to love.. I’m only human, not Divine..

  4. I love that Michael and Harley look like me watching election results: pretending to ignore what’s going on but unable to move away from the TV.

  5. puella33

    I usually don’t write 2 comments , so excuse me. I think, Trump’s motive for rekindling hatred at the Capital , I think is be cause he wants to see how big is his crowd. The irony is that he was worried about it at the beginning and he is worried about it at the end. I don’t think “his crowd” even knows why it’s angry- if the people are so miserable it’s because of Trump…

  6. puella33

    please excuse my typos

  7. What a day this has been. I am being a little hard on myself because today, I’m finding it extremely hard to love everyone. I’m not sure love and fear can co-exist, but I’ll be thinking about this for a while.

  8. I took a break from work to check the news for the first time today — and there are some very scary videos from Washington. I hope that calm settles soon.

  9. Love the crowd surfing Congressman!

  10. I loved this post and love the Georgia results and do not love in any way what is happening in Washington today. this is shameful, dangerous, and horrific.

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