Day 2924: People are strange

People are strange, in case you haven’t noticed. Therefore, I’ve written new lyrics to The Doors song “People are Strange.”

People are strange

When there’s a virus,

Faces look ugly not wearing masks.

People seem wicked

When they’re not distanced,

They resist such simple tasks.

They’re so strange

Faces unmasked in the rain.

It’s a strain.

Not caring how many they maim,

Causing pain.

They’re so strange.

They’re so strange.

(repeat chorus)

They’re so strange.

Faces unmasked causing pain.

If I could call them by name

They’re insane, they’re insane.

And so strange!

People are strange

Stupid and careless

Spouting such nonsense

Spreading disease.

And there’s so many

Doing this damage,

Stay away from me, pretty please.

They’re so strange

Having the nerve to complain!

Unmasked and causing such pain,

They’re insane, they’re insane

And so strange.

© Ann Koplow, 2021


I hope people aren’t strange when I perform those new lyrics for “People are Strange” at an Open Mic.

Are people strange in my latest images?

People are strange if they complain about wearing masks. It’s strange to me if you don’t agree.

Here are The Doors performing “People are Strange” on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Do you think people are strange? Which people? And how strange?

Gratitude is not strange, so thanks to all you wonderful people who help me deal with strange people every day!

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16 thoughts on “Day 2924: People are strange

  1. Thanks for helping get 2021 off to such a great start, Ann. Jim Morrison would approve of your twist to his song, I do believe.

  2. Loving the new lyrics – very appropriate. People are very strange indeed, and I should know – I am a people!

  3. My friend Chip and I were talking and he said, “People are strange.” Then he turned on his car and Jim Morrison’s voice flowed out of the radio. We laughed at the coincidence. Twenty years later Chip died from complications from the diabetes he’d carefully managed his whole life, and that care helped him outlive all expectations. If he were still here I think we’d laugh at your rewritten lyrics, at the strangeness of being careful being a strange thing for too many people.

    • I’m sorry for the loss of your friend Chip, another person who obviously was strange only in the most wonderful ways. Life would be awfully strange without you, Chris.

  4. I think people are strange in the way that maybe they may be unconsiously suicidal or regressing in some manner, and one feels like saying something but one is unable to. Humans have always been enigmatic and writing this song is great. I hope people listen!

  5. Can you imagine naming yourselves The Doors, if you were a young band? Very cool.

    • I think the Doors is a very cool name and it’s not strange to me that the name came from Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors of Perception,” a title inspired by this line from a William Blake poem, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.”

  6. when I saw your title, my mind went right to this song. now, I have a new version and I love the lyrics. I agree that people are strange but it doesn’t have to be a negative, it keeps life interesting – that being said, I’d say, ‘use your strange for good, not evil.’

  7. People *are* strange, something that’s become increasingly clear this past year. But it is never strange to come to your blog and find a clever, thought provoking post, Ann. 😊

  8. I agree with you entirely that people are strange. And stranger (to me) all the time! Love the Doors, love your new lyrics, and I, too, get a kick out of John Pavlovitz. Some may think that I’m strange, too, but I always find acceptance with you, my friend. 🙂

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