Day 2920: Flash/No Flash

Every morning, I get a flash of inspiration about the title and the content of the day’s blog post. Often, that flash of inspiration comes from a photo I took the day before with no flash.

However, today’s flash of inspiration is this:


That is a no-flash photo, taken by my flashily talented ex-husband, Leon Fairbanks, of our son Aaron.

I am now going to flash some definitions of “flash.”

This is how I use Flash in a sentence: Before I started writing this post, I had a Flash of terror (like Kirov) (see above) about Aaron flying on a plane next week to return to Scotland to complete his last semester at the University of Edinburgh.

News flash: Despite all our good intentions about being safe and doing the right things during this no-flash-in-the-pan pandemic, many of us are having flashes of terror.

All my photos today are taken with no flash.

That’s our flashy cat, Harley.

Here’s one of my favorite sing-along songs with flashy vocals: “Harden My Heart” by Quarterflash.

If you flash a comment about this “Flash/No Flash” post, I’ll definitely flash a reply soon.

It’s time for today’s flashy finale: Thanks to my ex-husband Leon, our son Aaron, my second husband Michael, our cat Harley, Quarterflash, all the flashes of light around us, and those who help me flash my thoughts and feelings into the world every day, including YOU!

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21 thoughts on “Day 2920: Flash/No Flash

  1. I am amazed about the sheer number of pictures for one day. I like the picture of Aaron very much. I wish Aaron a safe return to Scotland and all the best for his studies!
    You say that during this no-flash-in-the-pan pandemic, many of us are having flashes of terror. Indeed, and this shows in some of your pictures! I like it that there are also some rather cheerful pictures. You have a good eye for showing what may be interesting in a picture. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The moment I saw that marvellous picture of Aaron an idea flashed into my mind that he closely resembles Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. He has the look of a mystic!

  3. What is going on with that pole? Are they replacing it? I worry that water will settle into the hole and rot the bottom.

    I always enjoy seeing photos of your son, and you are so fortunate to have a gifted photographer in your family. I hope that he has a safe return home and calls you when he lands.

    • I appreciate this flashy comment, Maureen, and I don’t know the answer to your question. So many questions remain unanswered for me during these flashy times. And thank you for flashing your kind hopes, always.

  4. That picture of Aaron is amazing and makes me wonder what flash of insight has just struck him.
    I was reminded of a funny story about Salvador Dali. One morning he walked into the lobby of a hotel where he was staying right into a press conference he’d completely forgotten about. He was supposed to deliver a design for a perfume bottle. He pulled a flashbulb from a reporter’s camera, flattened the round end, and offered it as the bottle design. When asked what the perfume would be called he said, “Flash!”

  5. Kathy Riser

    Love this post. Your photos are always such an interesting slice of your life. I love the moonlight on the water. And I have the Quarterflash album. Love that song.
    Be well!

  6. Your cool photos go by in a flash as I enjoy them, Ann.

  7. puella33

    Ann, does Aaron have to get the Covid vaccinations before he travels internationally? I was just wondering for future reference. I your nocturnal pictures, Ann with the natural flash of moonlight.

  8. Natural light beats Flash on some portraits and this one is an example, although Harley wins in a Flash with his kitty candor.

  9. you are no flash in the pan, ann, that is for sure, you are the real deal. great picture of your son, using no flash. my aussie son-in-law taught me the phrase, ‘you look really flash’ when someone looks cool or fancy.

  10. I never fail to be fascinated at the places you discover flashes of inspiration, Ann. And I’m happy to say, that we are but hours away from bidding 2020 adieu and coming to view it as but a flash of bad luck (or so I fervently hope). Happy New Year!!

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