Day 2918: NO

On the first anniversary of my NOtable husband Michael and I saying “YES” in marriage, I am publishing a NO post. Want to kNOw why?

As of this writing, our NOt-too-longer NOxious President has said NO to extending unemployment benefits to millions of people. He has said NO to people in need like NObody else I can remember. I’m so glad we said NO to a second term for him.

Do you NOtice any NOs (or sNOw) in today’s images?

There were NO likes on some of my tweets and NO cilantro on Michael’s Mexican lasagna, but NO worries, regrets, or judgment here.

When Michael and I got married a year ago today, we would have said “NO” if the justice of the peace had asked if we wanted a religious ceremony, but she did NOt ask.

It makes NO difference to me; I would NOt change a thing.

What are your thoughts, feelings, and other NOtions about this NO post? NOte that comments go below.

I’m left with NOthing but gratitude for all the NOurshing blessings in my life, including YOU!

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25 thoughts on “Day 2918: NO

  1. I cherish the way you NOte our world, Ann.

  2. I would like to kNOw why you have what appears to be an anti aircraft gun in picture 4?

    • I don’t kNOw why people in the USA seem to like having old cannons and other weaponry in public squares, Peter. I assume NO harm is done with them. Thank you for your kNOwledgable questions!

  3. Barbara J Cunio

    I love your posts and look forward to reading them, if not daily then weekly
    I am so lucky to kNOw you and have you as my friend. Hapoy Anniversary!!

    • This lovely message from you brings me NOthing but happiness, Barbara. I am so glad to kNOw you too and I hope to see you again in person before we kNOw it!

  4. Happy anniversary and nominate Harley for the NOble prize.

  5. I NOticed all the beauties in your photos, dear Ann 😀
    How are you? I hope the best.

    • I am so glad to NOtice you returning to this blog, my friend. I hope all is well with you. Sadly, our old kitty Oscar is no more but Harley is still with us, and very happy.

      • I haven’t been blogging much this year Ann, why I haven’t been visiting your blog so much either.
        I’m sorry to hear about Oscar, but happy that you still have a happy Harley.
        Both of my cats and last my dog left this world, so right now I don’t have animals.
        Wish you a Happy New Year 😀

      • My year is happier seeing you here, Irene, and I am sorry for the loss of your beauties. ❤

      • Thank you Ann.

  6. the monkey and Harley at the top show me ‘no worries, ‘ I say no way, no more, to all of the hatred and cruel actions taken by others. and I would like to say happy anniversary, to congratulate you on this no-table occasion ).

  7. puella33

    Happy anniversary ,Ann

  8. While it won’t help now we can be glad the majority of people said “No” to another four years of the current disaster and, just as you and Michael did, “Yes!” to a better future.

  9. Debbie T

    By reading this a day late (and after reading a bit of the Boston Globe this morning), I knew that the stimulus bill did actually get signed. Phew.

    • I join with you, Debbie, and your Phew! I just wish he had signed it before the unemployment had lapsed because that’s going to make it more difficult for people who NOw have NO unemployment for at least a week and might need to reapply. But the outcome is NOt as bad as I feared.

  10. There is *NO* way I would miss the opportunity to wish you a happy anniversary, Ann. Gobsmacked that a year has already passed. Here’s to many more happy days together for you newlyweds. 🙂 (and that lasagna looks amazing….) xo

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