Day 2913: Darkest days

Yesterday was the darkest day in a year of darkest days.

Do you see darkest days in these images ?

Every year, I’m relieved when the darkest day of the Winter Solstice is behind me, because there are brighter days ahead from then on.

Here is Black Water County with “Darkest Days.”

What are your thoughts and feelings about darkest days?

Gratitude brightens even my darkest days, so thanks to all who help me blog each and every day, including YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2913: Darkest days

  1. I too am glad when we turn the corner from the Winter Solstice, Ann.

  2. there is always a bit of light even in the darkest of days, even if it is just a pinhole it’s there. and today is already a bit brighter than yesterday

  3. Dreamer9177

    We made it through the long night!

  4. When I was a kid, long before I knew what a solstice was, I was always grateful when we got past Christmas at school. Because it seemed to me that we were almost to summer once we were past that holiday break. Maybe it was more about being past the darkest day.

    30 years ago when I got married I had a cat that looked just like your pink-nosed beauty. His name was Oscar, he was so shy people didn’t even know he lived with me, but when it was just him and me he was a snuggle bug. When I see pictures of cats that look like him I remember him with a wistful smile.

    • Harley is shy like your kitty Oscar. Our late lamented kitty Oscar was a grey tiger cat and as friendly as could be. Cats and comments like yours, Dawn, make things brighter for me.

  5. Last night I took my telescope out and looked at Jupiter and Saturn in near conjunction, something that hasn’t been seen in eight hundred years. Jupiter is five hundred million miles away–so far it takes light from the sun almost an hour to reach it. Saturn is twice that distance. Yet they’re both so bright we can see them, but only because they reflect the sun’s light.
    It’s important to have light in the darkness but also important to reflect the light.

  6. puella33

    It is dark 6 months out of the year in some places. I’m grateful I’m not there.

  7. I see brighter days ahead for all of us! “Let your light so shine before (wo)men that they may see your good works.” has been my personal mantra for most of my life. I often fail!

  8. I am hopeful that these dark days are receding!

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  10. I am a bit late reading this post because these dark days are busy for me… But I am happy to report that your blog is light-emitting and so readers don’t have to worry about the hour the sun sets.

  11. It looks as if Harley danced and played through the Darkest Day of solstice.

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