Day 2910: Problems to ignore

There are so many problems these days we cannot ignore, that I think it might be helpful to focus on the problems we can ignore, here and now.

For example, I can ignore the problem that I forgot to stop recording on ZOOM last night at the remote Open Mic, so this video includes much of the next performance:

I can also ignore the problem that when I was performing last night I was not on my screen, because I AM on screen in that recorded video.

Here are other problems to ignore:

  • I still struggle with some aspects of the new editor here, so creating a bulleted list is harder for me than with the old editor.
  • I had to use bitcoin to get my winnings out of a betting site on the results of the U.S. Presidential election and now I have no idea how to safely convert bitcoin to cash.
  • I’m off on vacation for a week, so I’ll miss doing my Coping and Healing groups.
  • My son is returning to Scotland next month to live with his girlfriend and be closer to the University of Edinburgh for his last semester there, so I’ll miss him when he leaves.
  • I immodestly think my original songs are awesome and have no idea how to reach a wider audience.
  • My likes here on WordPress are half of what they were a year ago.
  • Almost every time I tweet on twitter, I get no response.
  • I’ve gained four pounds in the last month even though I’m eating really heathy and going for long walks.
  • My INR has been lower than I expected the last two times I’ve tested it.
  • Three people over the last few years have stopped talking to me.
  • I’m turning 68 in two months, and I don’t look as great as I did when I was younger.
  • I have no idea how much to inflate my new wobble cushion for optimal results.

Even though those are problems to ignore, I have trouble ignoring them. As I tell others, the human brain is for focusing on problems, even those it should ignore.

Are there problems to ignore in these recent images?

I cannot ignore the fact that Michael’s delicious cooking MIGHT be the reason I’ve gained four pounds recently. He tells me to ignore that problem of weight gain every winter.

If you leave a comment below, it will not be ignored.

If gratitude is a problem for you, please ignore the ending of this post.

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23 thoughts on “Day 2910: Problems to ignore

  1. some problems are worth ignoring, and not worth your time or energy. happy for your son, but i know you’ll miss him being in close proximity. i love your solution to the maga message, a problem worth fixing creatively, as you did. no worries about your live show, it will give you a showbiz story to tell when you are famous.

    • Actually, I can’t ignore the fact that I don’t deserve credit for the maga message — that was somebody I follow on twitter. As always, thanks for your supportive comments, which I never ignore! ❤

  2. puella33

    Ann, I think you look great- you look rejuvenated. I gained wait as well. I wish I only gained 4 pounds. I understand how you will miss your son as he returns to Scotland. The positive outlook is that you can go visit him. That’s why these vaccinations are important .
    I love your pictures, the one I would ignore is the one of the snow, because there’s nothing I can do about it’. Mother Nature has its own behavioral pattern in New England, and I would never trade the 4 seasons for something else.
    You have an anniversary coming up soon, Ann. How will you celebrate it?

    • I would never ignore your rejuvenating comments! Not sure how we will celebrate our one-year anniversary, maybe with a dance in the living room !

      • puella33

        When I don’t go on the elliptical bike, I sometimes dance in the bedroom. If I’m alone in the living room. No matter where you are, I’m sure it will be fun, ultimately, it’s the company that counts.

  3. What an interesting list! Thank you so much for sharing it. You look really awesome, by the way. I was thinking that when I saw your photo on the video, before I read in your list your thoughts about your looks.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would stop talking to you. Really hard to understand that. Unless maybe they are very fond of President Trump, or are suffering from incapacitating depression.
    I hope they return.

    Pretty great news about Aaron, except for the missing him part. I am missing son #3 and grandbaby, who also left today.

  4. Ignore the problem of Aaron going back to Edinburgh. Just make sure he books a place for you at the festival fringe!

  5. I once asked a coworker if she’d listen for a phone call while I ran to the bathroom. “They probably won’t call until I get back,” I said and she replied, “Hey, if you need someone to not do anything I’m great at that!”
    As hard as it can be to ignore some problems I believe you can rise to the challenge. After all how you look and a little weight gain are no problem, and Aaron will come back.

  6. I really like those landscapes with the snow on the foreground. The human condition can be a problem hard to ignore, it may even improve the senses.

  7. Will Aaron be able to fly?

  8. I think you are one in a million, Ann, no matter the currency.

  9. I, too, have trouble ignoring some things that distress me, but cannot ignore the smile that each of your posts elicits. 🥰

  10. I just love seeing your smiling, happy face. You look GREAT! I’m all for ignoring as many problems as I can right now. We have our plates extra full. Some of our problems need to be pushed aside until we feel a little more capable. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🤣

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