Day 2909: Balance

As I balance my needs with other people’s needs, working with resting, humor with seriousness, trust with skepticism, celebrating with grieving, losses with gains, movement with stillness, bravery with fear, being with doing, inside with outside, listening with speaking, observing with acting, giving with taking, starting with stopping, so on and etc., it’s challenging to keep my balance.

To improve my balance, I got a wobble cushion.

Today, I’ll try to keep my balance as I finish up work before a week’s vacation and prepare for tonight’s remote open mic.

Do you see balance in my other images for today?

Now that’s what I call a balanced meal — potato latkes, vegetables, applesauce, and sour cream.

Here’s a song about balance:

What helps you keep your balance?

Thanks to all who help me balance this daily blog with all my other daily routines, including YOU!

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25 thoughts on “Day 2909: Balance

  1. Hello Ann .. My thoughts/poem on balance

  2. Here’s to the vacation doing as much for your balance as the new blue equipment, Ann! And Harley seems to have taken a jump on the vacation, I’d say.

  3. We might have lost our balance the past few days, because we are one candle behind for Chanukah. We lit 7 candles last night and it should have been 8. Because we started on the right day, we think we did one of the nights twice — probably 4. We will light 8 tonight. But ss one of my kids said, maybe we deserve one extra night of celebration because it is 2020!

  4. With two new knees I am working on my balance

  5. puella33

    Hi, Ann, I’m studying your Body Fix. Let me know how you like it and if you are able to do all those exercises on it. I use a big rubber inflated ball that one sees at PT. . I especially like it to sit and role on it as my back stretches.Of course I do other movements on it.
    I think that for things to balance, there always have to be an attraction of opposite dimensions. Have a nice day, Ann

    • It’s okay. I would say stick with the big rubber inflated ball. I think that’s better for working on balance and doing exercises. Thank you for another nicely balanced comment.

      • puella33

        Oh, Ann, thanks for your input. I strongly recommend it. I had purchased it at a local sporting shop which no longer exists. If you’re interested, I suppose you could get it on Amazon or Dick’s sporting shop. Have a nice day.

  6. A wobble cushion! What a fab idea!

  7. I had some carefully considered thoughts about balance but then I got to Ruth Buzzi’s tweet and I realized that something you and she have in common is that you’ve found a good way to be a little unbalanced.

  8. On balance I think I would prefer not to wobble when I sit!

  9. Debbie T

    Yay vacation!

  10. I like finding balance with Harley’s poses. Potato latkes are one of my favorite dishes, this plate looks terrific.

  11. I see whimsy balancing out all of the serious things in your pics, luckily, makes me feel even again.

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