Day 2908: Something to celebrate

It’s difficult to find something to celebrate these days. Also, people are used to celebrating in person with loved ones, which spreads the coronavirus and is nothing to celebrate.

So I guess we have to practice finding something to celebrate alone.

Let’s try this: Can you find something to celebrate in today’s images?

Besides celebrating a new USA administration, a new way to see something familiar, and not having to commute to work in a blizzard, I am also celebrating this: Michael will be making potato latkes on the last night of Chanukah and serving them with sour cream AND applesauce.

I am also celebrating Lines for Ladies (featuring Kristin Korb) performing “Something to Celebrate.”

Do you have something to celebrate? Celebrate that in a comment, so we can all celebrate it together with you (without making COVID more widespread).

Now it’s time for me to celebrate all the humans and cats who’ve helped me find something to celebrate on this blog every day for almost eight years, including YOU!

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23 thoughts on “Day 2908: Something to celebrate

  1. I am celebrating health. I am celebrating the promises of Christ revealed in His birth, His life, His death & resurrection. I am celebrating the miracle of the internet and apps such as ZOOM and What’sApp and Facebook and Messenger – – – They allow us to stay connected. I am celebrating connections. I am celebrating YOU and your blog. Thank you, Ann, for your positivity ❤ Your dinner looks yummy. I am celebrating the blessings of food, shelter, and safety, those basic needs that are met, allowing me to live beyond the reptilian brain! ❤ Have a great day! ❤

  2. Harley looks very sweet in that photo.
    Good luck to Michael. Frying latkes is a lot of work!
    I think it is really worth celebrating a cook who will make homemade latkes for you on any night of Chanukah.

  3. puella33

    I’m celebrating the fact that I was able to see my sister yesterday-it was brief but her smiles are etched in my heart. Ann, you know my situation. I wish you a happy last day of Chanukah

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    I celebrate your post every day

  5. I will quietly celebrate the life of a colleague and friend who died a very short time after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer. His very brave wife of fifty years phoned to tell me this afternoon.

  6. let’s celebrate that we are all still here, and that snow, and the stick body, now I can’t stop seeing it and it’s fun to see things in new ways

  7. I see something to celebrate in everything you share.

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  9. I celebrate the fact that despite all the sadness and vitriol of these past months, I have friends like you who can make me laugh and smile. And I would be celebrating that gorgeous snow if I were still in New England…so beautiful!

  10. We sure can celebrate pets, music and good food, Ann.

  11. Something to celebrate is that Harley looks like a Buddha, the good food, and poetic, wintery landscapes!

  12. I am feeling the heaviness of the Covid-loss totals, and feel like we need to have a way to collectively grieve the human loss, when we can once again gather. But I personally feel very grateful and we are celebrating our daughter’s birthday on the 24th. After her year of Cancer treatment, and the reassurance that she is doing well overall, I may never feel ungrateful again.

    And you gave me a hearty laugh with the Tweet about Colonel Sanders “body.” That really hit me as hilarious! 😁

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