Day 2907: Widespread

When you see the word “widespread,” what first comes to mind?

My answer is “pandemic,” because COVID-19 is widespread, here and now, everywhere on this planet.

Because the pandemic is widespread, there’s widespread fear, worry, confusion, anger, grief, helplessness, denial, illness, and death.

As vaccines become widespread, there’s also fear, worry, confusion, many other feelings, AND, at last, hope.

In case there’s widespread wonder about where the word “widespread” came from today, here is the Daily Bitch Calendar for December 16, 2020.

You don’t want to be in an area of widespread incompetence and general lack of concern during a pandemic, but that’s exactly where I am. However, widespread competence and caring are waiting in the wings (including the West Wing).

My travels are NOT widespread these days, so here are all my other recent images:

If I eat too much of Michael’s delicious cooking and that very rich ice cream, my body will be more widespread.

Here’s Widespread Panic with “Up All Night.”

Widespread Panic is a band from Georgia, USA, and there is widespread interest in the two senate races there. If Democrats win both of those races, cooperation within the U.S. government will be more widespread.

I have widespread acceptance for any thoughts or feelings you have in reaction to this “Widespread” post.

Widespread thanks to all who help me create this widespread blog, including YOU!

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23 thoughts on “Day 2907: Widespread

  1. I worry about what the widespread cold and snow will mean for the days ahead, but I’m glad you’ve got Michael’s cooking and Harley to keep you warm.

  2. I have a hope of much better times to come. I hope that hope becomes widespread fact.

  3. puella33

    Ann, soon, you may be getting your vaccine- That’s great! I have widespread curiosity. What is that I see in the picture before your meal- Is it someone’s hair? Stay well and be prepared for the widespread snow .

    • Thank you for your widespread care, concern, kindness, and curiosity. That is my winter coat — I accidentally took that photo when I was out for a walk.

      • puella33

        ahahahahah, it’s amazing how I perceive things

      • puella33

        I can see that now that you let me know. I thought it was someone’s back with the hair blowing in the wind,.

  4. I know widespread ‘good’ things are usually easier to assimilate, as ‘good’ is natural, spontaneous, and requires no explanation. The ‘bitter’ is that which must be sweetened somehow. Humans have to adjust, while animals go on living.

  5. I think of a widespread as one of those huge Vegas buffets )

  6. I’m concerned about widespread political chaos…that just won’t stop! Widespread Covid spread and deaths doesn’t seem to hold a candle to the political posturing of false narratives.😩

    • There are so many scary things that are widespread these days, Debra! Thankfully, your widespread empathy helps me so much.

  7. That ice cream looks pretty yummy, and Michael’s cooking always shines with love. I hope there is widespread contentment in your household this Chanukah

  8. My admiration for your widespread optimism in the face of much sad and frustrating news remains strong, Ann!

  9. I have widespread admiration for your wisdom and images, Ann.

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