Day 2903: Just BE

Sometimes we need a break from thinking, worrying, and doing, to just BE. After all, we are human BEings (not human doings etc.), as difficult as it might BE to BElieve that and just BE.

Just BE, as you look at my images for today.

Just BE as you take a moment to celebrate as you choose.

Just BE as you listen to Frank Sinatra sing “Oh! What it Seemed to BE.”

Just BE in a comment, below. I’ll BE reading and responding to your comments later, after I get to BE with other group therapists in a ZOOM meeting.

Finally, just BE with my gratitude for all those who help me BE here every day, including you!

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25 thoughts on “Day 2903: Just BE

  1. Be well this weekend, Ann.

  2. just be, is everything, though I would love to take off in that helicopter with the penguin crew.

  3. Bellissimo!

  4. puella33

    I’m taken by the helicopter balloon. It’s different and fun.

  5. If there’s a bright side to the pandemic it’s that quarantine has given many of us a chance to appreciate just being.
    I hope to carry that forward.

  6. Debbie T

    It is so hard to just BE! I find myself too often slipping into the trap of thinking of myself as a “human doing” instead of a “human being” — such as on a gray rainy day like today, when I feel like doing nothing, yet a voice inside my head is yelling “What about that to-do list????” despite having nothing urgent on that list that couldn’t wait a day or two.

  7. The Bee Gees could Be. Here is a BeeGee song for you.

  8. My Thoughts Exactly

    I found myself thinking that just last night. I was sitting around with my family and the tv was off. My 1st instinct was to turn it on. But then I thought no, let’s just enjoy each other with out it. It was nice just relaxing in each others company.

  9. Thank you for simply being Ann 🙏

  10. Dong my best to be resilient and optimistic. Easier to be positive after reading your posts, Ann!

  11. I think this year has been so upside down i have been able to find many days where I could access the quiet I needed to “just be,” and on those occasions I’ve been grateful. I hope I can carry some of that peaceful essence into my life when activity resumes. We can encourage each other to just be!

  12. I think Simply Being is wonderful.

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