Day 2900: UP

Now that I’m UP, it’s UP to me to decide how I want to start UP today’s blog post.

Cases of COVID-19 are going UP, UP, UP.

People still haven’t given UP gathering inside and going maskless. It’s UPsetting how stUPid this is.

The number of failed lawsuits in trUmP’s attempts to foul UP the Presidential election is now UP to 50, at least.

Yesterday, I was informed that my stats here were going UP.

I am always UP for a walk, no matter the time or the weather, and yesterday I noticed that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is now standing UP…

… after being hung UP like this a few days ago:

Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, and Santa are now all UP for Christmas. Are you?

Yesterday, in my Coping and Healing group, people wanted to make UP a new name for themselves. I held UP this sign with a suggested name:

They were definitely UP for that reframe.

Now it’s time for me to put UP (or shut UP) my other pictures for today. What’s UP in these photos?

The Daily Bitch Calendar always gets me UP.

Today, I feel UP to calling the IRS about my long-delayed tax refund. I looked UP what might happen if identity thieves have stolen it. Cases of identity theft are going UP, and apparently the IRS is still UP to the task of fixing these UPsetting experiences. Also, it’s UP in the air exactly why my refund has been held UP for so long.

I will give you an UPdate about this tomorrow.

When I’m UP and out for a walk, I often listen to “The Way UP” by the Pat Metheny Group.

As always, I am UP for your comments, if you feel UP to leaving one.

I like to end UP every post with gratitude, so thanks to all who help me keep UP this daily blog, including YOU.

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31 thoughts on “Day 2900: UP

  1. It’s up to me to comment. I’m up. Grateful To wake up in my own bed not a hospital. Determined not to give up, I will bear up, face another day. Tough to feel up during the isolation with numbers up
    As you say.

  2. Luis Del Castillo

  3. May things settle your way today, Ann.

  4. When our son was beginning to talk he would confuse UP and DOWN. You could try that.

  5. So glad that Rudolf is now up to leading Santa’s sleigh. I’m not sure that any of the other reindeer were up to the task!

  6. “Are you up?!” I had a friend, Ralph, who was notoriously inclined to ask that question. I learned to respond with “Yes!” because what followed would be an adventure, usually among the best of my life. I miss him as he died two years ago, yet just hearing that question in the recesses of my mind brings a smile to my lips and memories of some of those adventures in Germany, France, and here in the USA organized by my friend.

  7. puella33

    I think today I’m up to mounting my tree.I wish you well with your call to the IRS, Ann

  8. my daughters have told me that I often went in their rooms in the morning to ask ‘are you up?’ and they often replied that they weren’t until I woke them with that question. then they were. I am an enthusiastic morning person and fade out throughout the day, when my energy level goes down, so I often forget that not everyone is ‘up’ in the morning even if they are awake. )

  9. I hope that the IRS helps you quickly!

  10. I’m always more up after reading your posts, Ann. I appreciate that about you. 🙂

  11. Your posts never fail to lift UP my spirits, Ann. Hoping that your conversation with the IRS is UPlifting and you find out what the heck is UP with that refund. Hopefully no one has been UP to no good with your money. xoxo

  12. I never get fed up reading your posts, my dear friend (●මᴗමσ)σணღ*

  13. Wake Up and smell the coffee- Ann Landers. Look me Up for advice -Harley

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