Day 2899: Insignificant

Is it insignificant that I did NOT call the Internal Revenue System yesterday about my significantly late tax refund, despite resolving to do so in my morning blog post?

Did I not call because I dislike how insignificant I feel whenever I deal with a huge bureaucracy? Or was it because the work I needed to do yesterday (remote psychotherapy and responding to crisis calls) made my contacting the IRS insignificant in comparison? Or did I have significant fear about what I might find out — that because my identity was stolen my tax refund was stolen too?

Sometimes, my confusion about the motives for my behavior is not insignificant.

Is the actual inspiration for today’s title insignificant?


The Daily Bitch is never insignificant to me. Are today’s other images insignificant?



I’ve done significant work to try to get to the point described in that last quote. Nevertheless, my mood shifted yesterday based on the insignificant actions of somebody else. Significantly, I communicated with that person and my mood shifted again. I believe that is not insignificant, although I clearly have more significant work to do.

Here is “Insignificant” by Spencer Elliott.

I hope you know your reactions to my posts are never insignificant to me.

My expressions of thanks here are insignificant in comparison with the gratitude I feel for all who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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19 thoughts on “Day 2899: Insignificant

  1. That is a big one hanging over your head, Ann.

  2. puella33

    I love the citation by Calvin and Hobs Excuse my ignorance, but when your identity got stolen, why didn’t your report it to SSA and the IRS immediately? I hope your issue gets resolved soon.

  3. That guitar playing by Spencer Elliott is Insignificant but far from insignificant!

  4. Looking at the stars can make us feel insignificant until we realize how significant it is that we’re here to see them.

  5. I feel like that too, sometimes, Ann. You don’t need a reason or a motive to not make an uncomfortable phone call. I think you are very significant, every minute.

  6. I think that fear of the IRS, or getting lost in the black hole of IRS bureaucracy, is not at all insignificant. It’s a daunting challenge. I send my best wishes and all the courage I can spare. We can pool our courage. 🙂

  7. The significance of this fabulous series of quotes on insignificance is not lost on me, Ann. I understand your reluctance to contact the IRS…a daunting organization to be sure. I hope you make significant progress in tracking down your refund when you finally drop the dime. Sending positive energy your way.😊

  8. You’re highly significant, my friend (๑ Ỡ ◡͐ Ỡ๑)ノ♡

  9. The ego can sometimes be Insignificant.

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