Day 2892: Transitions

As we experience the transition from November 2020 into December, transitions are on my mind, as you can see from today’s images.

It looks like the pink elliptical is transitioning into a towel rack.

Personally, I’m glad that the White House will be transitioning into a home for dogs and a cat next month.

As Bette Midler transitions today into her mid-70’s, here’s the song she sang to Johnny Carson twenty-eight years ago when he was making the transition to retirement.

What transitions are you dealing with, here and now?

Now it’s time for me to transition to gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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19 thoughts on “Day 2892: Transitions

  1. My Thoughts Exactly

    I am transitioning back and forth between a mother of a teenager and an 8 month old. Lord help me! Lol Tell me, do you take all these photos everyday?

  2. please tell Harley that the Bidens have just rescued a cat that is moving into the White House with them and looks he looks very much like this cat! I love the stages of butter so much. so perfect. we just have to keep taking baby steps and we’ll get there in this transition.

  3. I do hope that Major Biden will be granted a full pardon!

  4. puella33

    I think every day is a transition with this epidemic.

  5. Later this month I’ll be making a transition into a new decade, and it amazes me that Bette Midler and I are almost exactly a quarter of a century apart, which makes me think how little I feel I’ve accomplished with my two score and ten. Not that I’m complaining. There’s still time for me to make the transition to bigger things.

    • You may feel like you’ve accomplished little, Chris, but I know many people would disagree. I’m looking forward to sharing new transitions together.

  6. May all your transitions be positive and as smooth as possible, but also interesting and fresh.
    I’d seen that margarine Stages joke elsewhere recently, but it still made me laugh again. Somehow surprising even when you know what’s coming.

  7. Harley will ease transitions of any kind. I like that image through the oval glass door insert.

  8. I’m preparing to transition into a more peaceful time, where I don’t approach every news source with a combination of anger and fear. Will be SO AWESOME not to hear about the latest horrors out of the WH every damn day….

  9. Cheers to Bette Midler’s comment about her milestone birthday, Ann. It covers a wide swath of what we wake up to these days.

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