Day 2891: My days are numbered (correctly)

Yesterday, I noticed there was a problem with the numbering of my posts, so I went back in time and discovered my mistake.

Do you see the problem with the number there? My numerical dyslexia caused me to write “2184” instead of “2148” for the “Don’t miss the drama” post. My excuse for that mistake is that I wrote that post soon after being driven in a terrible snowstorm to NYC for a group therapy conference two years ago.

No matter what the excuse, I knew it would take many hours to correct all the subsequent numbers, but I got right down to it.

Since then, I’ve renumbered all of the posts correctly, and found a bunch of unanswered comments on the way. This is why I am so late posting my correctly numbered post today.

Let’s see what number of other images I have to share with you today.

It took a lot of thinking to fix this blog numerically, but now it’s done!

Let’s celebrate with a favorite number number.

Believe it or not, this is the first time that I have heard that version of that number — “Hard Eights” by Lyle Mays.

I hope you know that I number you among the wonderful people who help me create this daily blog, so uncountable and innumerable thanks to you !

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15 thoughts on “Day 2891: My days are numbered (correctly)

  1. puella33

    I appreciate this blog, because I can relate to it. When I’m counting something I always have to count it more than once because I come up with different numbers. It also makes me think of those ” experts” at the bank who count large sums of money with accuracy, and those people who count votes. Sometimes I laugh at myself, because I always get the count all messed up.

  2. I’ve always found it ironic that numbers keep us alert even though they begin with “numb”. Clearly somebody’s got my number.

  3. I love that you figured that out and found a way to fix it, otherwise it may have been weighing on you. like you, I often have challenges when writing numerals in the correct order. letters are my thing, numbers not as much )

  4. You are always on the number with me, Ann!

  5. Oh my gosh! What a lot of work! I don’t think any of us would have noticed if you’d just put the correct number in for today’s post and carried on. To think that you did all that and still had time to post! You are inspiring!

  6. You have outnumbered me with those nice landscapes!

  7. Hmmm..People lie, numbers don’t! ʸ(ᴖ́◡ु⚈᷉)♡⃛

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