Day 2889: What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for to follow your dreams, live better, makes the changes you want to see in the world, and love others and yourself more?

Are you waiting for

  • the end of the pandemic?
  • more self-confidence?
  • permission from others?
  • more skills and knowledge?
  • more money?
  • more security?
  • more support?
  • true love?
  • a perfect state of readiness?
  • a change in the weather?
  • different leaders?
  • world peace?
  • things you cannot control?

What are you waiting for? Photos?

I’m waiting for a dog AND a cat in the White House, very soon.

What are you waiting for? Music about waiting? Here’s “Everybody’s Waiting for Someone to Come Home” by Indigo Girls.

What are waiting for? Please leave a comment, below. If you’re waiting for my gratitude, wait no more.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2889: What are you waiting for?

  1. nothing. I am trying to live full steam ahead. until my steam runs out.

  2. I’m waiting to discover all the free time I was supposed to have once I retired. It’s been 9 years now!

  3. Hi Ann, I have been waiting:
    to come back and read your blog,
    for the end of 2020 – which has been a most horrible year for my family, my friends, the nation, and the world.
    for this horrible virus to frizzle itself out,
    for rain (which we have had none of, with the exception of two small sprinkles), since March.
    for things to be normal.
    to not have to wear a mask and goggles, all day, while at work.
    for the kids everywhere to be just kids, not locked inside, peering at computers all day.
    for the healthcare workers to have a rest.
    for people to be sensible and wash their hands, wear their masks, and listen to the scientists.
    I think that is about it.
    I am now waiting for your next post.
    Have a great day! Until we meet again!

  4. puella33

    I think “more money” is always helpful and of course the end of the pandemic . I believe that if you have your health an money, everything else falls into place. It’s not my intention to sound materialistic, but I do think it’s a reality that with money one has more freedom and less stress.

  5. I had a meeting of my writing group today and we were supposed to have training on structure but only four people showed up so, after waiting for half an hour, we just had an informal discussion. I’m always asked to provide a joke at the end of each meeting, which some people say they dread, so I told them, “Well, I had a Giuliani joke but it lost its appeal.”

  6. I don’t know. Waiting feels like wrestling with time. Time is like a capsule. I still like the ‘good things come to those who wait’ proverb attributed to Violet Fane.

  7. I’m waiting for us to prove we can heal, Ann.

  8. I’m a little trite, but I really am waiting for Covid to be less of a threat, and January 20, 2021. Much else is currently “on hold.”

  9. I am waiting to feel safe enough to relax and breathe freely again. Seems so long ago that I last felt safe….

  10. I’m waiting for brighter days, my friend. At the moment, there’s too much darkness. ⌓⌓⌕(˃̴◡ुؔ՞ઁ)♡⃛

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