Day 2880: Hands

Yesterday, when the wonderful hands of Mia from MiAlisa Salon were giving me a hands-down fabulous haircut, Mia told me about a beautiful way she has been self-soothing during these hard times. She holds her own hand.

Mia said that she held and held her mother’s hand in her hand while her mother was dying, and she misses her mother. Now, when she clasps her own two hands together, she feels powerfully comforted, settled, and anchored. Mia said holding hands with herself also helps her fall asleep.

I told Mia that I have been encouraging people in my Coping and Healing groups to give themselves hugs and that I will add clasping their own hands to the self-soothing repertoire.

And I am happy to report, this morning, that holding hands with myself helped me sleep through the night for the first time in months!

My sleep is also being helped by the growing certainty that my country will soon be in better hands. For the past four years, the USA has been in the hands of a toxic narcissist.

Speaking of hands, if anyone wants to see me play the ukulele with my own hands tomorrow evening, please sign up to be in the audience before the end of the day today using this link:!/showSignUp/9040b4eadaa23a2f49-jamn15

As people continue to count ballots by hand, I’ll be singing “The Impossible Wait” to the tune of “The Impossible Dream.”

I took all of these photos using my hands. Can you spot the hands of Mia and my husband Michael?

Here is “Hands — A Song for Orlando” from four years ago, showing how hands can hurt and heal.

If you leave a comment with your hands, I will respond with my hands and my heart.

In this time of social distancing, please wash your hands and wear a mask. My hands go out to yours in gratitude, here and now.

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21 thoughts on “Day 2880: Hands

  1. Got to hand it to you, you handed out some handsomely handy tips today!

  2. A lovely guide to find our own self soothing practice for 3.00am ❤️🙏❤️ I place a hand above my heart and an other on my lower belly and give myself reiki. Sometimes I’ll bring both hands above my heart and a heavy pillow on my lower belly. It’s very grounding and soothing … I expect like a thunder blanket.

  3. A very comforting post, Ann. Do you recommend “Group”?

  4. As another song says,
    This is the world we live in
    And these are the hands we’re given
    Use them and let’s start trying
    To make it a place worth living in

    Well, it looks like you, Michael, and Harley are working on that, while we all do odd shit for weird people.

  5. Love the pics of your cat. So much can be gained by observing them each day. One is that no matter what strife may be perceived around them, they don’t allow it to ruin their day, nor the days ahead, come what may.
    Base not our content upon men or women in authority or any other capacity, for as such they will disappoint. Be happy with yourself because you have to live with you for the rest of your life. Others will come and go.

  6. i love the animals meeting in a safely distanced circle, and harley seems to prefer hugging himself as his self-soothing move, there is so much comfort in this post and thanks for sharing your comfort with me.

  7. Harley is in great hands, Ann. You have made me realize that I miss my hair-and-beard cutter Theresa very much, for her work and friendship. My home clipper is doing OK for the beard in my hands and my hair in Karen’s hands, but I miss talking with Theresa during the time I spent in her salon every four weeks.

  8. Another beautiful shot of Harley taken with your Hands. The image of the circle with the variety of toys is also very nice. My little dog knows each toy she has.

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