Day 2873: Panic attacks

If you have panic attacks, you are not alone, as you can see by today’s Daily Bitch Calendar.

When people have panic attacks, they often share them with me, because I’m a group and individual therapist. When my husband Michael and I have panic attacks, we share them with each other. Luckily, Michael and I often have panic attacks on alternating days — when he’s panicking I’m usually feeling calm and hopeful and when I’m panicking he’s usually feeling hopeful and calm.

To reduce panic attacks, I breathe, blog, take long walks (masked!) , listen to music, read books, watch funny movies and videos, spend time with calming creatures, search for meaning (on the internet and elsewhere), eat delicious nutritious food, dwell on hope, and take photos.

I’m happy to report that for now, thanks to the kindness of strangers, family, and friends, I’ve stopped having panic attacks about

  • uploading my photos to WordPress,
  • using the new text editor,
  • my internet connection, and
  • the future.

Here’s “Hyperactive!” by Thomas Dolby, complete with panic attacks:

That reminds me … To reduce panic attacks over the upcoming dark and scary months, I’ll be working on something called Therapy: The Musical. Stay tuned.

Reducing panic attacks includes sharing thoughts and feelings, so I hope you share in a comment below.

Also, gratitude attacks beat out panic attacks, so thanks to all who help me attack a new blog post every day, including YOU.

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30 thoughts on “Day 2873: Panic attacks

  1. Kelly Haran

    Great photos as always (including another delicious dinner.) I just did a virtual 7 a.m. yoga class (not my usual time AT ALL), but think it’s a good way to keep the calm in my day. Thanks for your posts!

  2. I was getting a panic attack for not seeing Dr. Harley around.

  3. I highly recommend, if you haven’t heard it already, the soundtrack from “Next to Normal”. Particularly Who’s Crazy/My Psychopharmacologist and I, and It’s Gonna Be Good! They are both on heavy rotation in my playlist.

  4. I look forward to Therapy:The Musical!

  5. Thank you for uploadi g your photos to WordPress. But don’t worry if on some days you can’t. Your words are plenty nourishing in their own.

  6. I get panic attacks every now and then, and your therapy is my therapy. Just getting away from the trigger of the attack can calm me down. And who wouldn’t love a walk?

  7. Ann, I don’t think I have ever had a panic attack (I would know -right?), but when I get into sticky situations, my mind just starts clicking over options on ways to get out of the situation I find myself in. I do fret a great deal, and ruminate over things people have said and incidents which might have played out differently, if I had acted in another way. Maybe it is because I have worked in health care for so long, you always expect the worst, and plan accordingly.

    I found you on the Reader today – so everything is good!!

    • My mind will now stop clicking over options on ways to make sure that you get my blog posts in your reader. You are not alone in your fretting and ruminating. Thank you, SD, for all the good you bring here !

  8. puella33

    I have terrible panic attacks and find them very debilitating. There are so many things I would like to to , just overpower me. When I get them it’s a terrible feeling – as though I’m going to die- as though there’s no way out. To give the devil his credit, Trump has nothing to do with it.
    Have a nice day, Ann

  9. At least there are no Trump stickers today…..Yay!

  10. Now I’m very intrigued by what Therapy: The Musical could be but I’ll probably forget about it in a day or two then remember it again and panic because I’ll worry I’ve missed something.

  11. Something tells me Therapy: The Musical is just what we need! I’m working on my “calm.”

  12. here’s to chipping away at your panics, little piece by little piece. can’t wait for the musical.

  13. I just keep away from heights

  14. Your thoughts and photos help me, Ann. Thank you.

  15. Good advice. I try to stay exercised, which burns of any accumulated adrenaline and dread.

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