Day 2871: Winter is coming

Winter is coming and there are many cold days ahead.

Can you tell that winter is coming from these images, captured after I was sleepless near Boston?

Winter is coming, so it might be time to stock up on lox, locks, and luck.

Here‘s a “”Winter is Coming” compilation from Game of Thrones:

Here‘s “Winter is Coming” music from Game of Thrones, composed by Ramin Djawadi:

Here’s a comment posted on YouTube about that music, from three weeks ago:

Straywolf – 77 Elections are coming…then its consequences…then winter. As Ned Stark said, “Brace yourselves…”

Winter is coming and so are some comments, below.

Now gratitude is coming for all who help me blog daily through winter, spring, summer, and fall, including YOU!

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27 thoughts on “Day 2871: Winter is coming

  1. It is scary still, Ann, because though the celebrations and good feelings on one side are many and deep, the other side digs in deeper and with great resolve to continue dictating. Our divide has appeared to widen at the moment.

  2. Yes, Mark said it: “Our divide has appeared to widen at the moment.” Let’s hope that “moment” can be remedied as we work to alleviate the “anger, resentment, suspicion and contentiousness” (as described by Molly Ball in this week’s Time Magazine article titled “Long Division (Why America’s Rifts Are Only Deepening)”.

  3. I like those cleverly used long shadows as integral elements of the landscape’s composition:

    Bowing to the sun and ethers,
    Dwelling in spaces, otherwise not touched
    yet caressed with silhouette,
    Wind’s humming sound
    An old trumpet.

    The stretched, solstice shadow
    Dwelled in spaces, otherwise not stepped
    and witnessed with silhouette.
    A reverenced presence
    Albeit winter to contest.

  4. I reckon you could reach the other side of the water if your stretched out your arms!

  5. Oh wow! That Tweet! Love it!

    Here, snow is falling, the ground is already covered — and the river is still flowing freely.

    PS — I share a video I made of my #ShePersisted 2021 desk calendar today on my blog – I think you’ll really like the music track to the video — it’s my stepson’s band. So talented!

  6. puella33

    It’s been winter for the past 4 years. I say Spring is coming. There will be some hurricanes due to the gales of greed and egos of some senators… But, I think they too yearn for Spring. Have a nice day, Ann

  7. Ann! I was panicking – you fell off my Reader – again, and I couldn’t find you anywhere. I even “Searched” for you and your site did not come up. So – I had to scroll through the Comments and find your Avatar – that is the only way I located you. Winter has come over here – it’s been in the 50s for the last several days as the highs, and into the 30s at night. I fear this cold front is on it’s way to your side of the country. Beware, my friend!
    PS – I realize your post was about politics – but I am cold, and I don’t want to be!

    • I’m trying not to panic about falling off your reader, SD. Maybe you should follow me again? The warmth of our connection here helps me fear the winter less.

  8. Debbie T

    I love those long-legged shadows!

  9. 😂 Lox him up 😂

  10. Why should we lox up Merv Griffin? That’s who the smoked salmon sculpture looks like to me, but then I always did think there was something fishy about him. With jokes like that it’s probably good news that winter is coming and you can bring out the earmuffs.

  11. love the lox! and don’t mess with winter! even if you try to stop it, it is still coming!

  12. That fish portrait is off the scales, a kipper for sure (unless it smelt bad). I’d be stand-off-fish not to mention that I’ve never seen the subject look betta.

  13. I wish we have winter in this part of the world. It’s so hot here I think I’m going to melt…lol ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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