Day 2870: Sleepless near Boston

Although there are fewer reasons to be on high alert near Boston, someone needs to tell my brain that. I’m still waking up in the middle of the night wondering “is it safe enough to relax?”

One of my insomnia cures is blogging, so I’m going to share yesterday’s photos from a perfectly glorious, unseasonably warm November day near Boston spent with my friend and “sister” Deb.

If those photos and sweet recent memories won’t help me get back to sleep, maybe this tweet will:

Here’s what I tweeted, soon after I read that:

Sweet dreams, everybody, and thanks to all who help me get some sleep near Boston, including YOU.

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34 thoughts on “Day 2870: Sleepless near Boston

  1. Cheers to your gorgeous day, Ann. I think it will be a while until we are off high alert, though.

  2. Glad you were able to visit Deb in sunshine and sit with her in peace.


    I don’t know if you’ve posted similar pictures before but I have to say that the cemetery pictures are very interesting!

  4. I could imagine Trump demanding a huge monument for his burial site!

  5. Mount Auburn is a remarkable place, a who’s-who of remarkable Americans. Most of it, by the way, is in Watertown, rather than Cambridge.

  6. You’ve shot Mount Auburn Cemetery before and this is beautiful in the autumn.

  7. Feels great to have the warm sun on you and a reason to smile, eh?! (We had snow over night, slushy snow.) This post made me smile! Many of the best birding moments have been in cemeteries like the one in your photos.

    Reading the markers in my local cemetery, I found one forlorn marker about a fellow who died young and friendless far from his native Texas. Out of curiosity, I looked up his story in the microfiches of the local paper at the library. It turned out he was shot in the neck by the “Silver Dollar Boys” (probably trying to create a legend of themselves – sounded pretty self serving of them!) He died after one or two days,

    The Silver Dollar Boys tracked the Texan from the Northwest Nebraska Pine Ridge region where he had worked for a rancher. The rancher had the Texan selling tamales or burritos or some such, and the Texan absconded with the funds. That was sufficient to start the hunt to make a few bucks reward for bringing in the Texan!

    So, the sad little grave marker revealed a story about a man murdered (legally, because he was a thief!) over Mexican chow, a frontier forerunner to victims of 2nd Amendment madness! I placed flowers on this grave for two years until someone else beat me to it.

    If you want an fascinating read about the development of cemeteries as parks, Garry Wills’ LINCOLN AT GETTYSBURG is a book for you to look up. It is one of my favorite books.

    • Thank you for a fascinating read, my friend!

      • Cemeteries are fascinating places, full of stories and unanswered questions. Another grave marker was a fellow who had a Canadian air force marker. Looking into it – why would a Nebraskan have a Canadian military marker? – it turned out he was one of those young men who went north of the border before the US involvement to serve in the Canadian military. He died in a plane crash during training, and the Canadian registry of military graves gives his grave location in my local cemetery. The home where he lived appeared on Google maps when I typed the address in.

  8. puella33

    I love your pictures, Ann- especially the third one and the one of you smiling at the out-door restaurant. I haven’t been feeling completely relaxed either. I think it’s because we still have 70 more days to go under Trump’s ” regime”, AND the psychological idea that there has not yet been a closure , if you will . Trump has not yet conceded. It’s possible he may never do it, I think our spirits are still in toil because of all the unnecessary lawsuits Trump wants to impose. We won’t , well I speak for myself, will not be completely relaxed until Biden is sworn in office.
    Call me naive, but, may be Biden should talk directly and privately with Trump, since he has the savoir fair with oppositions.. I don’t know- am I being too ” on another planet”?
    Have a nice day, everyone

  9. Dreamer9177

    Blogging doesn’t always cure my insomnia, but it makes being awake more bearable.

  10. It looks like you had a very relaxing day and I’m glad that you, Deb, and W.P. Walker had a ball.

    • When Deb saw that famous gravestone in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, she said, “That’s what’s been hanging around my neck and weighing down my shoulders for the last four years” before she took a picture of it. As always, Chris, thanks for your observant and weighty comments.

  11. what a lovely, light, happy, day.

  12. What a peaceful way to spend a gorgeous fall day in New England, Ann! Fresh air and friends…does it get any better?! I, too, am struggling with anxiety. Was feeling relieved that Biden prevailed and yet despair that *anyone* is giving credence to Trump’s outrageous accusations. And now Barr has authorized the Justice Department to investigate? When will this nightmare end?!

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  14. That is one fancy cemetary!! I am a little disturbed by the 3 head stones with Trefyr inscribed on the middle stone, and “Wife” and “Son” inscribed on the other two. Makes you wonder if there was some major dysfunction in that family. I like the phot of the chocolate mousse – looks scrumptious. And I of course love the photos of you enjoying the warm, sunny day.

  15. Pawesome pics, my friend! (ෆ ͒•∘̬• ͒)◞

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