Day 2869: Dancing in the streets!

Yesterday, after Joe Biden was finally projected to be the next President of the United States, there was dancing in the streets!

While there was dancing in the streets all around the world, I took these photos on a gorgeous day:

Michael didn’t dance in the streets with my friend Barbara and me, but he danced in his own way yesterday.

I’m looking forward to many more days of dancing in the streets (which I do when I listen to music, no matter what day it is). There’s sure to be a lot more hope and joy in my street dancing now.

Thanks to Barbara, Michael, everybody dancing in the streets, and YOU!

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35 thoughts on “Day 2869: Dancing in the streets!

  1. It does feel good to dance for joy again, doesn’t it?! 👏🤗

  2. Kelly Haran

    Dance dance dance! The news we so desperately needed…..hooray!

  3. Dancing in the streets with Harley!

  4. Hope looks good in Boston, Ann. At the end of President Elect Biden’s speech, I went outside our front door here and clanked a pot with a big spoon, a tradition I recall from my Brooklyn youth. I was the only one out there in this Syracuse suburb, but I sure did feel good filled with hope and joy.

  5. I cannot stop smiling and crying

  6. There was dancing here in Canada too! Woo Hoo!

  7. Dancing in the North! And where did you get those awesome art masks?!

  8. It was a really really good day. I didn’t follow the news much past their speaches, but I don’t hear any news of rioting here in the states? I guess we were scared of not much of anything. Good on the United States.

  9. We were cheering you along here in Nottingham!

  10. puella33

    It was so nice to see people dancing instead of protesting.

  11. As I write, our President-Elect is at mass. Trump is golfing. Says it all!

  12. I loved your dancing in the street videos and song! It is a good day, and I hope 2021 will bring much more happiness for everyone!

  13. I love that you and Barbara were dancing in the streets and that somebody beeped for you. And the sun shone. And Michael shone.

  14. Wonderful! Good news for the world, I think.

  15. Sometimes words fail us because we’re so full of happiness, and dancing is a great way to express what we’re feeling.

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