Day 2864: Election Day 2020

I’ve been thinking about Election Day 2020 since Election Day 2016, and now it’s here!

I’m going to spend Election Day 2020 with my fingers crossed, working and watching from home, and probably capturing images like these:

How are you going to spend Election Day 2020?

I’ve already spent part of Election Day 2020 looking for music to share in this post. Here is “Election day BIDEN HARRIS Music video: ALL ON THE LINE” by Andres Useche.

I’ll also be spending Election Day 2020 expressing gratitude for all who helped me get here, including YOU.

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22 thoughts on “Day 2864: Election Day 2020

  1. Wishing all to go well

  2. this is it. I’ll be spending my day with my kinder, voting on which kind of ice cream we’ll have, and teaching them the power of the vote and that it can impact their lives directly.

  3. My dear wife Karen and I started our day by walking across the street to our extremely conveniently located polling place, Ann. The socially distanced line was out the door at opening time of 6 a.m., but we had cast our ballots by 6:30. I was glad to see that there were enough volunteers and all knew the procedures. We both have to go into our job-places today, but after that, it will be watching the news in the living room …

  4. Common sense will prevail!

  5. I will be working today! Hanging out with my pediatric patients, discussing video games and Elsa. I sense that this election turmoil is a long way from being over (what with all of the mail-in ballots needing to be counted, but we shall see! I voted by mail – and my ballot was received and will be counted. Now it is just a matter of waiting. Try and have a hopeful day Ann!

  6. Hope you, Michael, Aaron and Harley have the happiest day, Ann.

  7. puella33

    I’m happy and nervous , hope all goes well. , Ann

  8. Barbara R Lipps

    I loved the video, All on the Line. I was in my head a bit too much, and this song made all the difference. Thank you!

  9. On Election Day 2020
    Harley caught a mouse
    After having played with Michael

    A Toss-up in the air
    Harley’s Swing State
    A Flipped
    toy basket on the floor
    for him to play…

  10. I still have everything crossed, Ann. I hope I can breathe a sigh of relief soon. I am one giant cramp from all that crossing! 🙂

  11. I’m finding it hard to relax and concentrate today. I keep thinking about a day in January 2017 when Vanderbilt University saw the biggest demonstration in its history. It was a call for support between people of color, LGBTQ people, refugees, Jews, Muslims, and others who had good reason to be afraid for the future.
    Here’s hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

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