Day 2862: All damn day

All damn day, for four years, I’ve been waiting for all damn U.S. leaders to stop damning our future.

All damn day feels like a long time when the world seems damned, especially when there’s an extra hour, like today.

All damn day I

  • obsessively check the news,
  • walk around,
  • stress eat,
  • think about people in pain,
  • wonder what my fellow Americans are thinking, and
  • prepare for my next blog post.

All damn day I’ve known what today’s blog title would be.

All damn day I capture images of what I see.

All damn day I look for moments of beauty, synchronicity, hope, and love.

All damn day I’ve been thinking about this beautiful song by Beautiful Chorus I heard during a No Impact Aerobics (NIA) class on Zoom.

All damn day I’ll be looking for inner peace and your comments.

All damn day I look for ways to express my gratitude to all who help me get through all damn days, including YOU!

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35 thoughts on “Day 2862: All damn day

  1. Your photographs are such a relaxing sight to see, llamaste indeed 🙂 Like you, it seems I’ve been waiting for all damn U.S. leaders to stop damning our future, and hopefully there will be a little rejuvenation in our lives and the political system happening this week. Take care, Ann, and wishing you a great November ahead.

  2. all damn day I try to do my best to live it and look forward to another one ahead.

  3. You do a damn good job of staying course every day, Ann.

  4. Endure indeed. I’m reminded of the Gary Larson cartoon where a lion says to another lion, both stalking antelopes in the background, ‘”Patience my ass. I’m going to kill something!” (Or something like that.) I’m running out of patience to know if the nightmare is over or just continuing.

  5. All damn day for a blue wave. I like images #3 & 8.

  6. Debbie T

    I’ve seen giant stuffed giraffes like the ones in your photo in several grocery stores, around this time for the past few years. I’ve wondered, do they really expect anybody to buy one, or is there some special connection of giraffes to this time of year that I’m not aware of? Hmmm.

  7. Thank you for that song Inner Peace.

    My heart is open, all damn day. ❤

  8. puella33

    I’ve been so damn nervous about the election that I’ve been doing chores around the house that I normally don’t do. 48 more hours left, Ann…

  9. My husband and I are rolling paint again today. He’s doing the ceiling. We’ve broken a couple of things we shouldn’t have, but fortunately not bones. There are no llamas around here but there is a box of chocolate coated ginger.

  10. All damn day I try to make today different from yesterday. Too many damn days have blended together. Here’s hoping for better days to come.

  11. Damn good post… and I don’t give a damn who reads this who doesn’t agree with me!

  12. All damn day I look for ways to focus on gratitude. When I don’t, it’s just a long damn day!

  13. Hi Ann All damn day I have been searching for your post for this day – as it didn’t appear on the “Reader”. And all damn day, you haven’t been there! I had to come looking for you, because I was starting to panic – thinking that something was wrong! But here you are! Thank-goodness!! I know what you need in your life – you need an Alpaca – they are the best animals ever. They are fluffy and warm with cute little faces. They poop and pee in the same spot – so they are very tidy. And they are not mean like Llamas. Think about it! I think we all need Alpaca therapy right about now!! Take care, my friend – and do not fret.

    • This damn post didn’t appear in yesterday’s damn WordPress reader? Damn! Thanks for doing your damnedest to find it, my friend. I will consider getting an Alpaca if the damn election doesn’t turn out the way I want.

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  15. Particularly good photographs, on this damn day

  16. I had a damn past week and it makes me weak! ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ

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