Day 2861: What do you need?

Here and now, what do you need?

Do you need

  • comfort?
  • reassurance?
  • good news?
  • results?
  • money?
  • a drink?
  • love?
  • hope?
  • peace?
  • self esteem?
  • time for yourself?
  • social contact?
  • justice?
  • to know that you are not alone?

I need

  • to take a breath,
  • to be in the moment,
  • to be grateful for all I have, and
  • to do whatever I can to make this life better for myself and others.

I do NOT need to vote because I already have.

I need to share that ten years ago, on Halloween, I met my future husband, Michael. Michael needs no introduction to regular readers of this blog, but here’s a post I wrote about him four very long years ago.

I also need to share my latest photos with you.

If I’m being serious and honest, almost everybody I know needs therapy these days.

I also need to tell you that this …

… is my amazing son, Aaron, who is doing his last year at the University of Edinburgh from our basement here in the USA. Isn’t that a cool picture? Aaron and I both needed our winter coats last night because of the early snow.

I also need to tell you that even though my husband Michael needs his privacy and is camera shy, his presence is there in several of today’s photos.

I need to include a song about needs, so how about this one?

You don’t need to leave a comment, but it would be awesome if you did!

I need to thank everyone who helps me create a new blog post every day, including Michael, Aaron, Harley, the Beatles, the Daily Bitch Calendar, and YOU!

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23 thoughts on “Day 2861: What do you need?

  1. I know you didn’t need it, Ann, but your Halloween Eve snow sure looks pretty. Have a great day, my friend. You have so many great things in your life.

  2. i need to see your pics, of the snow, of your loved ones, of both good and bad, and i need to know, and i do, that it will all be okay. and i need a bit of chocolate. it made me laugh to think of aaron toiling away on his studies in your basement and wonder if you hear scottish accents wafting upstairs from below.

  3. i voted too ☺️

    i need a virtual hug, tho. 😔

  4. puella33

    Congratulations , Ann on your 10th year anniversary, and many warm wishes ro AAron on his lasat collegiate year. What we need is to wear masks and respect one another so we can controll the virus and have back our freedom to go wherever we want without worrying about becoming ill. Have a nice day, Ann

  5. What do you need?
    A Harley king
    A natural monarch
    on American soil

    Who would have thought
    A Crown came to America
    with claws
    that ripped
    every cat toy in the home
    and purrs
    which sounded like drums

    A natural monarch
    who did not speak

    A monarch butterfly
    A Harley king

  6. I need to wish you Happy Anniversary and hope that, after Halloween, we see far fewer orange faces!

  7. Ann, I can’t believe Aaron is in his last year of university. It is nice that he is home with you, but it stinks he can’t attend his last year of university in person. Wow – you have snow slready. It looks cold – brrrr! I would definitely NEED to stay at home, because I have become somewhat of a softie when it comes to cold weather, after having lived in California for so many years. I hope you have a wonderful 10 year Anniversary!! Stay warm, my friend!

  8. One thing I need is to visit your blog daily because it reassures me. It’s extraordinary to think Aaron is in his last year, and even more extraordinary that he’s able to pursue his studies at home. I think being amazed is something I need too.

  9. That is a cool photo of Aaron!

  10. I am arriving one day late to your blog because I got up very early to paint yesterday. I’m very surprised to see snow in your photos!

  11. When I read your posts I feel like you’re right next door. That is until I see snow! It’s so beautiful. But a foreign experience for me. I don’t know the specifics of what I need, Ann, but you make me smile and maybe that’s a good thing.

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