Day 2857: OUT

I’m so OUTraged, I’m almost OUT of words abOUT the lOUTs in power in my cOUnTry. I ShOUT vote them OUT, in a blue rOUT!

Let’s see what else will OUT in this OUT post.

I hope we’re not OUT of time!
My OUTstanding son and I have both worn those tiger ears OUTside.
I left OUT the Daily Bitch calendar in yesterday’s post.
All these ducks hang OUT together.
People want Trump OUT of the White House and in prison.
Another OUTrageously delicious and nutritious meal from Michael.
This is one way I get my feelings OUT.

Here’s “I Think It’s Going to Work OUT Fine” by Ry Cooder:

I’ll be looking OUT for your comments, below.

I never leave OUT gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me get OUT this OUT post, including YOU.

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25 thoughts on “Day 2857: OUT

  1. Hi Ann – I too am outraged – by the number of people that wear that wear their masks incorrectly or not at all – and then it is everyone else’s fault that COVID is surging. And I also wonder – how do you keep your floors so clean? They are pristine. You would be outraged by my floors for sure, even though I dust and mop, with four dogs I run out of energy trying to keep them clean. I hope you have a lovely day!!! I really, really do!

    • The only reason my floors are so clean is that Michael gets his anxiety OUT by cleaning. I would not be OUTraged at your floors, my friend, I’m sure! Thanks for getting your thoughts and feelings OUT here, SD. ❤

  2. Sitting on the OUTside of your election, I too am OUTraged by all that is happening and hoping you will vote him OUT! ‘Cause I’m INTO better times ahead.

    Love how OUTlandish those calendar pages are! 🙂

  3. Just one more week and we will hopefully have the end in sight of the OUT and OUT worst buffoon and the OUT and OUT least presidential person ever to smirk at the world!

  4. puella33

    We also have to vote out Mitch McConnel! I felt so agitated when I saw the new Justice voted being sworn in- It was so nonsensical to see. Trump standing beside her like a spoiled brat. It was so disingenuous .

  5. Add me to the list of those with outrage, Ann. It’s becoming a permanent state of mind, and it helps to know that I’m not alone in identifying outrageous behaviors, attitudes and PEOPLE!

    • I am out and out thrilled to see you here, Debra! I’ve missed you and continue to send out warm thoughts and hopes to you. ❤

      • Thank you so much, dear Ann. It’s interesting how all of a sudden I have the energy to resurface. 🙂 I’m enjoying getting caught up with my blogging friends!

  6. While I’m also outraged I find those ducks outrageously funny, especially the ones that appear to be robot ducks. And I do, as usual, see a bright side to at least some of our current circumstances. Having to work from home means I’m able to have a window and I’m able to look out at trees, birds, and squirrels, rather than the walls of a cubicle.

  7. it is out of the question to lose this election.

  8. Harley will outdo anyone’s worries with his elegance in face of voting stress, and blue skies will emerge:

  9. I am OUT of patience with all the self-serving, OUTrageous behavior of the current administration and fearful of the OUTside chance that the orange terror could hang onto the office. If he is not voted OUT in a few days, I shall cry OUTsized tears, and then start working on a way to move OUT of the country….

  10. I never run out of admiration for your determination, Ann.

  11. I’m really glad to be getting to know Harley a little bit better.

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