Day 2856: Feeling blue ?

Last week I wrote a blog post about how much I’ll be feeling blue if the USA does not turn blue this next election. Yesterday, I saw this at a supermarket in the very blue state of Massachusetts:

Under that “FEELING BLUE?” headline, it says “You’re not alone” — which is one of the major healing factors of group therapy.

Michael was feeling blue soon after I took that photo when he noticed a grocery bagger wearing a mask BELOW his nose. Conflict makes Michael feel blue, but he still asked that supermarket employee to pull his mask up properly. We both feel blue when we go to this supermarket, because we almost always notice employees with their noses hanging out. When we see these kinds of behaviors, we talk ourselves blue in the face trying to figure out what people are thinking and why mask wearing isn’t better enforced in SUPERMARKETS, for heaven’s sake.

Before that blue period, I took this photo at that supermarket yesterday because these rubber ducks looked like they were feeling blue, hanging in the frozen foods section in this netting.

I didn’t know until later that Michael was feeling blue enough to buy those ducks and set them free.

If you’re feeling blue, you might enjoy some of the other images I captured yesterday near the very blue city of Boston.

Harley has not been feeling blue lately. Have you?

Here’s “Feelin’ Blue” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

… and “Feelin’ Blue” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Whenever I’m feelin’ blue, gratitude helps, so thanks to all who are reading these daily pre-election posts, including YOU.

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27 thoughts on “Day 2856: Feeling blue ?

  1. It’s easy to feel blue when we see things swirling around us that are out of control – and beyond our control to control! Good thing I have faith in a Power higher than I am … and I don’t HAVE to be the one who controls everything. But, when you’re caught in the swirl, it’s hard to let go! I enjoyed the Earth, Wind & Fire music this morning. The trumpet was amazing, wasn’t it? S/He had complete control of that instrument!! Thanks for posting! Yes, believe in yourself. Let it go … substitute that blueness with a little bright SONshine ❤

  2. Love the ducks, and the lady’s response to “How long have you been waiting to vote?”

  3. Hi Ann, this is the third day in a row I have had the pleasure of reading your posts, and because of that – I am not feeling blue. Don’t feel blue, perhaps everything will work out for the best. Let’s hope everyone gets up, and goes out and votes this election, otherwise they will only have themselves to blame if their candidate of choice does not get elected. Fingers crossed!

  4. Time is nearly up

  5. Im in the deep freeze section of the country and I’d like a rescue, please.
    The fall Halloween pictures are nice. A splash of colour. My dog was feeling blue, as I made her wear her cheerful, purple winter coat this morning. I mostly do it for my own amusement. The drama is hilarious. It is getting colder here. -9 C with the windchill. Or for you it would be a balmy 15 F. Keep warm and I’m hoping blue will be the dominant colour for the future.

  6. puella33

    Just to laugh… in the ninth picture with the 3 pumpkins, there are what appears to be hairy plants on the left- for some reason it reminds me of Trump’s hair

  7. I love that Michael bought the ducks and freed them at home. Yay,Michael! And I am enjoying the Creedence Clearwater song right now. Thank you.

    I am not feeling blue but I am wearing it.

  8. Several years ago I went to work on Halloween dressed as an Andorian and made a lot of jokes about feeling blue. Since then people’s willingness to dress up for Halloween dropped off and last year it was just another day, which left me feeling pretty blue. This year I’m afraid Halloween will be even more blue, but you, Michael, and the ducks have cheered me up.

  9. Actually, I *am* feeling blue. I am working on a fun virtual activity for my company for Halloween. What would be actual fun is dressing up. Also, my birthday is this week, and we’re not really celebrating. But a week from tomorrow, I’m going to the polling place and casting a blue ballot. And the good news is, I’ll get to watch from home that night. Four years ago, I was eating spaghetti out of a plastic bucket in a hotel room in Ohio. Glad you have some Halloween in your hood, and your ducks in a row!

  10. i love your pics and they help us all to keep from feeling blue, especially the rescue ducks!

  11. Harley is directing Diana Krall:

  12. Nothing but blue skies, Ann.

  13. Hello to a fellow Bostonian!

    Thank you for sharing these fun fall pictures.

    P.S. I know exactly what you mean about the cashiers not wearing masks correctly.

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