Day 2855: Endure

I keep noticing this rock, which endures in the enduring Kindness Rock Project near our home:

The only other time I’ve used the word “endure” in a blog title was Day 1409: Adapt and Endure, which I published the day after Donald Trump became the U.S. President four years ago.

I, having endured many medical scares and challenges through 2016, also posted this enduring (and, I hope, endearing) message back then on Facebook:

“I survived open heart surgery for THIS?”

As we approach November 2020, let’s think about what we have endured over the last four years. Has it been an AFOG (Another F-ing Opportunity for Growth)? An irredeemable disaster? Something else? Your answer may depend on how you tend to endure.

Which of these images might endure for you?

Okay, I’m ready to endure the next 10 days. Are you?

Here’s a 1972 tune by Stephen Stills which endures for me:

What else endures? Comments on WordPress and my gratitude to all who help me endure, including YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Day 2855: Endure

  1. I respect that kind of rock, Ann!

  2. i love the facebook message you posted and my answer is ‘yes, you did. and here you are.’

  3. There’s a lot of beauty in these photos.

  4. The difference between the Harley image and the rock one is that Harley has turned into pure energy which will make him endure the test of time.

  5. Ann – I have endured a day of waiting, and I DO see the purple!!

  6. puella33

    I shouldn’t say this, but I am : Ever since Trump has been president, the American flag has become so ugly to me. Having said that,I suppose Old Glory has endured a lot of abuse. I hope I will make peace with it soon.

  7. I think your atomic cat belongs in the purple car with the dog wearing goggles. Not sure which one would drive. I actually have that album, Manassas, in its original vinyl. May have to break it out and take a listen tonight.

  8. A stone seems very a very fitting way to tell us to endure because the possibility that things might not change in the next few weeks has me petrified.

  9. We cannot have endured the past four years for naught. Things MUST CHANGE on 11/3, as I cannot endure another four years of this. Today my task will be to endure a vote that I know will send my blood pressure north and my mood south…😔

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