Day 2850: Tips to stay sane in the final days of the campaign

I don’t know about you, but I definitely need tips to stay sane in the final days of the campaign for the U.S. November election. Here are some words I’ve been using about my mental state (and the mental states of others I’m encountering):

  • nuts,
  • bonkers,
  • crazy,
  • insane,
  • wacko,
  • off-the-wall,
  • flipped out, and
  • mad.

Here’s one top tip on how to stay sane during the final days of the campaign: name what you are feeling and share those feelings with others.

Do you see any tips to stay sane in the final days of the campaign in any of my recent photos?

Self forgiveness is another top tip to stay sane, no matter how many days remain in any campaign.

Here are “Tips on staying sane during election season” from GMA:

Here‘s a song that keeps running through my brain as I try to stay sane:

Do you have any tips to stay sane in the final days of the campaign?

Of course, gratitude helps me stay sane, so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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24 thoughts on “Day 2850: Tips to stay sane in the final days of the campaign

  1. Dreamer9177

    I keep my sanity be remembering that any system that produces these two candidates is fundamentally broken and needs to be replaced.

  2. Even though I’m here in Canada, I am struggling to stay sane through your election process!

    I keep reminding myself to breathe. Deeply. A lot!

    And funny – my blog today is about one of my mother’s favourite sayings when I was growing up, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” πŸ™‚

  3. To stay sane I would have to be sane in the first place. I’m struggling with that!

  4. puella33

    Ann, I’m very apprehensive about the outcome- Trump is capable of anything that’s bad! Yesterday he called Fauci an idiot and journalists bastards , and yet people adore him. This election will also determine if Americans, ,by enlarge are just as hateful as Trump. I wish I were away but the other civilized countries are biting their nails too .I love your nature pictures

  5. Tips to stay sane in the final days of the campaign: think of Harley as president, think of the absurd, think of a womb with ethereal landscapes where you see Oscar receiving his honorary doctorate from Oxford University! See Harley’s riding alongside Biden and trailing a true path in a starry night.

  6. This morning in a meeting someone mentioned that even looking at pictures of water can be calming, although the real thing is better. So I appreciate your help in keeping all of us sane, or at least calm. And you’ve reminded me that good music can also help. Sometimes it’s even possible to enjoy several good songs at once.

  7. Anxious times indeed. For you waiting to cast your vote, for me sitting in the waiting room and a sick looking soul with a mask at half mast and a cough! Yikes. I experienced a panic attack a while ago and had to do some self talk to get out of it. The video of Insane in the Membrane was a good reminder that things are always improved by dancing or singing or meditating. And then you shared your beautiful nature pictures. Ah.

  8. just float.

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  10. I will look at the sun on your horizon, Ann, and attempt to keep my wits about me.

  11. Finding your peaceful photos are a balm for my anxious soul, Ann. I’ve voted and am hoping fervently that we can soon move out of this very dark period. Just read this offering from the ‘Daily Good’ and found it soothing as well.

  12. Say ‘Ohmmmmm’ and stay sane, my friend! ( βŒ―β—žβ—ŸβŒ―)β™‘

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