Day 2845: BFD

BFD, according to, means one thing AND its opposite, which I think is a BFD.

This reminds me of a BFD saying I came up with years ago — we are neither as important or as unimportant as we fear.

Are any of these recent photos a BFD?

Around here, it’s a BFD when my husband Michael lets me take a picture of him and share it in my blog. We both got haircuts yesterday, which is a BFD during the BF pandemic. Also, the macaroni and cheese Michael made yesterday was a BFD.

The upcoming U.S. Presidential election is a BFD, and if my candidates win, I’m also going to win cookies and somebody else’s macaroni and cheese. To me, macaroni and cheese is ALWAYS a BFD.

In addition to Big F’ing Deal and Boston Fire Department, BFD might stand for Black Futuristic Drums:

What do you think is a BFD, in this post and elsewhere?

Gratitude is always a BFD to this Blogging Female Dilettante, so thanks to all the BFD’s who help me create these posts, including YOU!

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21 thoughts on “Day 2845: BFD

  1. Great haircuts for both of you, Ann. Beautiful Follicles Detailed!

  2. Big Fat Donut! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

  3. I see an annoyed piece of exercise equipment in the background of one photo…..a cross trainer!

  4. They are Better Faring Days, so Harley thinks.

  5. puella33

    I love the beautiful fascinating depiction of you and Michael. I love your smiles

  6. I think it’s a BFD that you and Michael make great photos together. And I mean that in the best possible way.

  7. beautiful fall day! bfd

  8. p.s love your pics of the two of you, and that’s kind of a bfd.

  9. I think you are a BFD, Ann,but only in a really good way – A BFGD. And it is always a BFD for me when you post pictures of you and Michael together. I also love seeing photos of the food that he cooks for you, too. These are things that bring peace and happiness into an otherwise mess of a day. Do you know what I mean? Thank you for sharing.

  10. I count every day that I wake up and get another chance to make a difference somehow, somewhere, to someone, as a BFD. 😊 You and Michael both look sassy in your fresh ‘do’ and that mac-n-cheese, ALWAYS a winner. And I am pray in’ for BFD (Biden for democracy) in a few weeks. ☺️

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